52 Week Photography Challenge List

Do you want to become a better photographer?

Practice. Practice. And more practice is what we recommend.

Learning about, understanding and using the basic photography techniques when you take photos is so important.

But many people struggle knowing what to photograph.

We use this 52 Week Photography Challenge to help photographers new and old improve their skills.

Why Weekly Photo Challenges?

We started doing Weekly Challenges in our Free Facebook group: Your Photography Journey. (We’re now on year three!)

Each week the challenge encourages photographers to get out and take pictures of a specific subject or use a composition technique.

You take photos during the week then share them in the Facebook group where other people doing the same challenge can view them and comment on them.

We encourage the group to do these two things:

1 – View the Weekly Challenges as a good way to push yourself to take photos and try new things. This is not a competition with others, but a means to improve your skills.

2 – Set a goal to take NEW PHOTOS for each challenge. Again, the challenges are meant to get you out taking pictures!

We also do live video Photo Reviews each week to discuss the weekly challenge.

Our group members find the reviews very helpful – see what they have to say! We’d love to have you join us!

What People Like About Weekly Photo Challenges

We asked our Facebook group members what they like about the concept of weekly photo challenges. Here’s what they said:

52 Week Photography Challenge List

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Week 1: Horizon Line

Week 2: Rule of Thirds

Week 3: Foreground – Midground – Background

Week 4: Fill the Frame

Week 5: Leading Lines

Week 6: Perspective

Week 7: Sunrise

Week 8: Sunset

Week 9: Blue Hour / Golden Hour

Week 10: Depth of Field

Week 11: Wide Angle / Panorama

Week 12: Part of the Whole

Week 13: Framing

Week 14: Patterns

Week 15: Foreground

Week 16: Negative Space

Week 17: Reflection

Week 18: Scale

Week 19: Movement

Week 20: Long Exposure / Motion Blur

Week 21: Vertical / Horizontal

Week 22: Golden Spiral

Week 23: Landscape

Week 24: Structure

Week 25: People

Week 26: Number

Week 27: Natural Light

Week 28: Shadows

Week 29: Silhouette

Week 30: Lines

Week 31: Curves

Week 32: Macro / Get Close

Week 33: Viewpoints / Angles

Week 34: Sky

Week 35: Night

Week 36: Weather

Week 37: Season

Week 38: Water

Week 39: Wildlife / Pets

Week 40: Eyes

Week 41: Trees

Week 42: Layers

Week 43: Balance

Week 44: Color

Week 45: Black & White

Week 46: Mood

Week 47: Contrast

Week 48: Abstract

Week 49: Subject

Week 50: Shape

Week 51: Minimalism

Week 52: Tell a Story

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In order to find out what type of photography you truly love, you must capture images of many things: people, landscape, architecture, food, dogs, cats, birds, rivers, waterfalls….  

Set a goal to find those things you LOVE to PHOTOGRAPH!

The best way to learn photography and improve your skills – shoot, shoot and shoot some more!

You can read and watch tutorials, but until you put the information you have accumulated into motion, you aren’t going to learn a thing!

Photography should be FUN! If you are photographing the things you LOVE, it will be!

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