What Is A Photo Jeeper?

we make a great travel photography team!

Our story is about two people who love to explore new places, photograph landscape and wildlife, and how we became Photo Jeepers!

A few years ago, Dave retired as a Utah Highway Patrol trooper after 22 years.

He was rewarded with TWO retirement gifts: a Nikon DSLR camera and a Jeep.

Our lives have never been the same.

We are Dave and Jamie, a husband wife team who live in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah.

For us travel and photography go hand-in-hand as we explore the cities, parks, mountains, deserts and amazing National Parks around us.

Our favorite favorite destinations are US National Parks. We hope to visit all 59 soon.

We created Photo Jeepers to INFORM and INSPIRE you to

Travel • Take Pictures • Relive Memories & REPEAT!

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Photography Gear & Resources

Are you ready to share this adventure with us?

About Dave

Dave is an active person with a fascination for the outdoors and the creatures that reside there.

As a child in Alabama and South Carolina, he would be out in the woods running along creeks and rivers, enjoy trips to beaches and the Appalachian Mountains.

Dave firmly believes that one of the most basic concepts in photography is to photograph what you love. 

He enjoys capturing landscape and wildlife images (especially eagles, bears and wolves).

We share photography tips about the various locations we visit and what photography gear is necessary to capture amazing images.

Jamie loves travel!
travel photography combines Jamie's two passions

About Jamie

During high school and college, Jamie traveled across the United States, and participated in a study abroad program in Israel and Egypt. It sparked a passion and appreciation for exploring unfamiliar places.

Jamie came to understand the importance of recording moments, not recaps. She learned to stop, pause and reflect at each destination.

She admits to being OCD about organization and lists – she rearranges the dirty dishes in the dishwasher after the kids have loaded it!

This trait is perfect for researching and creating detailed itineraries for our trips. We share our travel planning and packing tips and travel resources to help you plan your next vacation.

Together, We Make A Wonderful Team!

I want to let you in on the best-kept photography secret RIGHT NOW!

Are you ready?


And that's EXACTLY what our motto is!

We want you to practice each of these simple skills...

And if you photograph something new EVERY DAY

You WILL see an immediate improvement in your photographs

Are you ready to start taking AMAZING photos on ANY camera?

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