Photo Scavenger Hunt, Activities and Games for Kids

Using photo scavenger hunt cards, photo challenge checklists, and other photography games is a fun way to improve photography skills for kids!

Photography Challenges and activities are a fun way to practice basic photography techniques. The key to getting better and develop your skills is to get out and take pictures!

photo scavenger hunt printables

In a photo scavenger hunt, your mission is to find and photograph specific items or scenes, each adding a unique twist to the classic scavenger hunt game.

Using photo printables like scavenger hunts and checklists is an easy way to have a list of subjects to photograph.

Below you’ll find a variety of photo scavenger hunt, photo challenge or photo game ideas to make practicing photography fun!

boy taking pictures in the fall
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Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

Photo scavenger hunt cards get kids thinking creatively while they search for and take pictures of the subjects. You can use a camera, phone or tablet.

The photo scavenger hunt is a great party game or solo activity. It’s easy to print out as many as you need to enjoy the fun right away.

4 Seasons Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards

This activity gets kids thinking creatively while they search for and take pictures of the subjects on the cards.

You can also use the 4 Seasons Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards as party game or solo activity. It’s easy to print out as many as you need to enjoy the fun right away.

In Your Home Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards

Kids can use the cards to search for items around the house to photograph.

This encourages problem-solving skills, helps them become more aware of their surroundings, and allows them to be creative as they come up with fun ways to find and photograph the various items.


In the Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards

Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards are a great way to get kids out exploring and engaging with their local neighborhood.

They can search for items on the cards such as trees, animals, or even landmarks, which can help them learn about their community in a fun and interactive way.


man photographing flowers

Photo Challenge Checklists for Older Kids and Adults

Older kids will like using a word-based photo challenge checklist to mark off the subjects they photograph.

THE best way to improve your photography skills is to get out and take pictures! Many times we just don’t know what to photograph. The photo challenge lists are the answer!

4 Seasons Photo Challenge Lists

Seasonal photography challenge printables can provide you with an easy set of tasks or prompts that help you focus on different aspects of nature while taking photos, such as colors, textures, or shapes.

Not only will this give your photography skills a boost, but it also adds some extra fun and creativity into your outdoor photo shoots year-round!

52 week photo challenges list

52 Week Photo Challenge List

Use this 52 Week Photography Challenge List as a weekly exercise to get out and take pictures! The purpose of photography challenges is to spark your creativity, help you build your photography skills, and ensure you create and capture stunning imagery throughout the entire year.

These challenges are designed not only to test your skills but also to expand your understanding and creativity in the world of photography. They will push you to explore beyond your comfort zone, encouraging you to capture the world around you in new and unique ways.

Photographer at Bryce Canyon

Camera Gear for Landscape Photography

  • Tripod: take a look at these compact and lightweight travel tripods!
  • Camera Bag: protect your camera from sand and water → We use Lowepro camera backpacks for outdoor photography.
  • Neutral density filter: to compensate for variance of light you’ll need to use a neutral density filter. → Check out the Kase magnetic filters we use!
  • Camera cleaning kit: remove dust or water that WILL get on your lens. NOTE: this is not for cleaning the sensor.  
  • Memory cards: purchase name brand memory cards since you’re trusting your images to the card! → We use Lexar and Sandisk!
  • External hard drive: copy photos to a portable external hard drive ‘just in case’. 
  • Headlamp: use when taking sunrise and sunset photos!

Camera Gear at B&H Photo

camera accessories

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