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Photography is one of the best activities for adults and kids. It develops creativity to determine what will be included in the frame of the pictures.

Taking photos helps adults and kids overcome anxiety, daily overwhelm and depression. It helps focus and calm the mind from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Use your camera to focus on the present. This will help de-stress, de-clutter and calm your mind. And you will see the positive benefits of photography on your health and happiness.

Below you’ll find a fun list of photo scavenger hunt ideas. 

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Young kids will enjoy using the photo scavenger hunt picture cards to find the objects they need to photograph.

4 Seasons Cards

Get the 4 Seasons Scavenger Hunt Cars!

4 seasons photo scavenger hunt

In Your Home Cards

FREE DOWNLOAD: Set 1 | Set 2

In the Neighborhood Cards

FREE DOWNLOAD: Set 1 | Set 2


Adults and older kids will like using a word-based photo challenge checklist to mark off the subjects they photograph.

4 Seasons Photo Challenge Lists

summer photo challenge printable
winter photo challenge

Indoor / Outdoor Checklists

FREE DOWNLOAD: Indoor & Outdoor Checklist

Indoor and outdoor photo scavenger hunt checklist for kids

Travel Games, Printables and Coloring Pages