Canyonlands National Park Winter Camping

You’ll find tips for finding campgrounds and facilities, things to do, what to pack, and activities to do when camping in Canyonlands in Winter.

Canyonlands  Packing Lists

Here’s our Canyonlands National Park Packing List for summer and winter so you’re prepared no matter when you go!

Canyonlands Weather in Winter

 - DECEMBER: High 45 and low      23 degrees F  - JANUARY: High 44 and low 22     degrees F  - FEBRUARY: High 52 and low     28 degrees F

Canyonlands Winter Campgrounds

- Island in the Sky : Willow Flat Campground - Island in the Sky : Murphy Point Overlook - Island in the Sky : Syncline Campsite - The Needles Campground

Other than Willow Flat Campground, you must have a backcountry permit for all overnight travel.

Backcountry Winter Camping in Canyonlands

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