Driving the Yellowstone Southern Loop

Yellowstone National Park Southern Loop: things to see, do, and photograph.

YELLOWSTONE Vacation Planner

– Madison – Old Faithful – Lake – West Thumb Geyser Basin – Grant Village – Canyon – Norris

Areas to Visit in the Yellowstone Southern Loop

Don’t miss the scenic drive in Firehole Canyon to see Firehole Falls near Madison!


The one must-stop location is Grand Prismatic Spring. It’s a huge oval pool surrounded by unusually colorful bands of algae and travertine terraces, with wavy run off channels.

Midway Geyser Basin

No Yellowstone vacation would be complete without a trip to Old Faithful, one of almost 500 geysers in the park, and one of six that park rangers can currently predict.

Old Faithful

Two circular boardwalk trails totaling 0.75 miles pass by colorful hot pools and springs, steam vents and mud pots at West Thumb.

West Thumb

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