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knowing all the best things to do in each area of Yellowstone!

Grab our vacation planner that has all the attractions, hiking trails, services and accommodations by region!

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Yellowstone Vacation Planner and 4 day itinerary

Can you imagine….

→ your flights are booked

→ the lodging reservations have been made

→ your packing list is complete

→ the daily itinerary of things to do is planned

Now you’re ready to transform all of that hard work and anticipation into the adventure of a lifetime!

An unforgettable Yellowstone vacation that you can later share with your friends and family. 

Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

As the excitement for your upcoming adventure begins to build…

You imagine visiting your favorite features like Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic or Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone ease.

In your mind, you picture a leisurely drive through each area of the park where you don’t encounter traffic or bison jams.

Finding a parking spot everywhere you go is easy.

You are able to see and photograph wildlife frequently. 

Grizzly and cub at Yellowstone in October.

Unfortunately, this fantasy is not the reality that most people encounter during their trip to Yellowstone. 


Instead, most visitors will be stuck in traffic, desperately waiting to get into the park.

And when they finally do get inside, they will lose precious time endlessly circling the parking lot, hoping that a highly coveted parking space near the popular features will suddenly open up.  

However, once they finally do manage to park the car, they’ll find the area inundated with visitors which makes it hard to enjoy the unique sounds and scenes of Yellowstone. 

Most visitors to Yellowstone just don’t know where to start. They get overwhelmed and overlook all the little details that are essential to planning a trip to Yellowstone.


Which is why you need this Yellowstone Vacation Planner!

Use this 55 page planner to help you create the best itinerary for your trip to the park.

The guide has been created by Dave and Jamie, who visit Yellowstone multiple times throughout the year. It contains a wealth of expert advice and insider information. 

With this awesome, easy to follow planner, you won’t have to:

• Sit in line waiting to enter the park missing the chance to get a spot at the popular spots in Yellowstone.

• Waste your precious time driving around the park without a plan instead of exploring the park area by area.

• Miss out on seeing wildlife because you don’t know the right time and places to be when animals are most active!

Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the vacation you imagine:

• Enjoy the park features by region so you can maximize your time to see as much as possbile. 

• Return home feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated since you weren’t preoccupied stressing about the itinerary details.

• Collect the best souvenir possible, a series of unforgettable memories and a camera full of stunning photographs that you can’t wait to share with everyone around you.

55 page Yellowstone Vacation Planner & 4 Day Itinerary

“The planner was awesome! I had no idea to plan my days by area. The list of attractions and hiking trails helped me plan my time in each area. The maps were extremely helpful.  – Rebecca, TX




Hi! We are Dave and Jamie from Photo Jeepers, and we want to help you plan your Yellowstone vacation!

Dave and Jamie at Gibbon Falls in Yellowstone

We live close to Yellowstone and travel there every chance we get, and consider ourselves local experts.

Many people miss out on making the most of their days when visiting Yellowstone. This won’t happen to you when you have us as your guide. 

Dave in a snowcoach at Yellowstone in the winter

We get emails from people asking all about visiting Yellowstone. They want to know where to take amazing photos, where to see wildlife, and how to plan their itinerary.

In creating this vacation planner, we want to take the stress out of planning your trip so you can easily schedule into your day the activities you want to enjoy.   

Dave and Jamie at Moose Falls in Yellowstone

We feel bad when we see people share their experience at Yellowstone, and they mention they wish they had a better plan.

As local experts, we can guide you to the best attractions, hiking trails and wildlife sightings so you make that trip of a lifetime a reality!

It’s like we’re there with you every step of your trip.

Stop wasting time doing endless amounts of internet research…

and start accessing our extensive, first hand knowledge of planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park. 

 Because honestly, you just won’t find this type of in-depth, 

insider information anywhere else on the internet.

Trust us, we’ve looked, and it just doesn’t exist.

The Yellowstone Vacation Planner includes:

→ A detailed list and map of the regions in Yellowstone…. so you can plan your itinerary area by area!

→ Our favorite 4 day Yellowstone itinerary …. so you don’t need to stress about creating your own! 

→ A comprehensive list of attractions and hiking trails…. so you have all the information right at your fingertips, all in one place!

→ A list of all the essential camera gear that you’ll need to pack for your trip…. so you’re prepared to capture amazing photos of this incredible park!

→ Expert tips on things to know before visiting the park…. so you are prepared in advance for weather, traffic, buffalo jams and more!

→ Our recommendations on where to stay in Yellowstone, or in the adjacent towns at each entrance…. to make it easy for you to find the right hotel or vacation rental to meet your needs!  

→ Helpful links to any additional resources you might need to plan your trip to Yellowstone…. in case you want to explore the park with a guide or extend your trip to Grand Teton National Park!

Yellowstone vacation planner

Get Your Yellowstone Travel Planner Now!

Yellowstone Vacation Planner and 4 day itinerary

The Yellowstone Vacation Planner costs just $14.99!

The 55 page vacation planner includes:

• Things to Know Before You Go

• Our Favorite 4 Day Itinerary by Area

• A list of Attractions, Hiking Trails, Services & Accommodations for Each Region

• A Photography Gear Packing List

• Tips on Where Stay in and Around Yellowstone

elk at Yellowstone in September


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Moose Falls at Yellowstone

View of Grand Prismatic at Yellowstone in the Summer

Firehole Falls in Yellowstone National Park 

Lamar Valley in Yellowstone

Black bear mom and two cubs in Yellowstone

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