Grant and West Thumb Day Hikes in Yellowstone

One fun way to explore the beauty of Yellowstone National Park is to hike trails in specific areas of the park.  The Grant and West Thumb areas are located along the southern loop of the park.


Park literature refers to this area as Grant Village-West Thumb Area due to its proximity to Grant Village and because of the shape of the lake which stands out like a "sore thumb". It’s important to know what the Yellowstone National Park weather is like for the time of year you’ll visit.

This trail is a short uphill climb through an area affected by the 1988 fires. The trail descends to the shores of Duck Lake.

Duck Lake Trail

This trail runs through dense Grizzly Habitat. It is usually closed until mid-July due to Bear Management. It is recommended to hike in groups and carry Bear Spray.

Riddle Lake Trail

West Thumb Geyser Basin overlooks the West Thumb portion of Yellowstone Lake. Along this trail you will some of Yellowstone's most interesting hot springs.

West Thumb Geyser Basin Trail

This trail displays a beautiful view of Yellowstone Lake's West Thumb.  There is also a nice view of the Absaroka Mountains from this trail.

Yellowstone Lake Overlook Trail