Tips for Visiting Arches National Park in August

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If you’re planning to visit Arches National Park in August, it’s important to know what to expect: weather, things to do, what to pack, and where to stay.

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Arches National Park Packing List

August is not our favorite time because it will be hot and crowded when visiting Arches National Park.

Is August a Good Time to Visit Arches National Park?

The 43 mile road is paved with pullouts and parking lots perfect for any Arches National Park photography you want to do.

Arches Scenic Drive

To avoid the heat and intense sun, avoid daytime hiking and plan to head out in the morning or late afternoon when it’s a bit cooler.

Arches Hiking Trails

In August you’ll want to get up early to photograph sunrise at Arches National Park. Doing this you won’t need to worry about getting a timed permit!

Arches Photography

Stargazing at Arches

The slogan “Half the Park is After Dark” invites you to take one evening to enjoy a star-filled sky! In August you can see the milky way from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am.

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