Tower and Northeast Area Day Hikes in Yellowstone

One fun way to explore the beauty of Yellowstone National Park is to hike trails in specific areas of the park.  The Tower and Northeast areas are located along the northern loop of the park.


Many Yellowstone hiking trails can be wet and muddy during the spring and early summer months. Snow may linger on higher elevation trails until July. 

Behind the Roosevelt Lodge, this trail ascends 300 feet to a bench.  It joins the Roosevelt Horse Trail and travels west to Lost Lake.  

Lost Lake Trail

This trail begins about 50 yards north of Tower Junction.   There are excellent river views and abundant wildlifle.

Garnet Hill Trail

This trail moderately climbs to from the roadside parking area to the top of a ridge. It's a great place to see Falcons, Osprey, and Bighorn Sheep.

Yellowstone River Picnic Area Trail

Beginning at the trailhead, the Specimen Ridge Trail ascends through open meadows of sagebrush.  After climbing 350 feet this trail junctions with the Yellowstone River Overlook Trail.

Specimen Ridge Day Hike Trail

Slough Creek Trail begins with more than 11 miles of old wagon roads that lead to the Silver Tip Ranch, located just beyond Yellowstone’s northern boundary. Keep an eye out for bears, moose, and wolves!!

Slough Creek Trail