Utah's Grafton Ghost Town

Grafton Ghost Town is a historic mining town near the Virgin River just south of the boundary of Zion NP. The town was abandoned in 1938, but many of its buildings remain.

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Why Did Grafton Become a Ghost Town?

Grafton was a mining town in Utah whose population dwindled after the local mine closed in the late 19th century. 

School House

Built in 1886 this building was used as a school, community meeting place, church, and a place for dances and plays. 

Russell Home

Built in 1862 this adobe home features a hand-crafted front porch where Alonzo Haventon Russel’s family met to socialize and sing. 

Louisa Marie Russell Home

Built in 1879, this one story gabled log home is where Louisa raised six children.

Grafton Cemetery

The Grafton Cemetery is located on high ground on a side road leading into Grafton. Along with Grafton residents, the cemetery also includes the graves of Native Paiute.

Is Grafton Ghost Town Worth Visiting?

If you enjoy history and exploring old abandoned places, Grafton offers a glimpse into the past and life in a small pioneer settlement.

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