Visiting Yellowstone in April

April is a transition time at Yellowstone so it’s important to know what services and roads are open at this time.  Be aware that you'll likely find winter weather and temperatures in April at Yellowstone.


Yellowstone in April is terrific for wildlife viewing in Lamar Valley. Bison are calving and black bears begin to emerge from their dens.

In April many roads in Yellowstone are still closed to vehicles. The road from the north entrance in Gardiner to the northeast entrance in Cooke City is open year round. Mid-April the West Entrance usually opens to provide access to Madison, Mammoth, Old Faithful and Norris.

The weather in April is still cold and snowy. Average temperatures are about 46 for highs and 19 for lows in degrees Fahrenheit. Layers are key when exploring the park in the early spring.

There will still be a lot of snow in April so snowshoes may be helpful.  There are fun day hiking trails in Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Lamar Valley.

April Hiking in Yellowstone

In early April, there are 3 waterfalls you can access along on the northern road:      – Undine Falls      – Wraith Falls       – Lost Falls When the other roads open, be sure to visit:      – Firehole Falls      – Gibbon Falls      – Lower Falls

April Waterfalls in Yellowstone

The geysers and hot pools are fantastic to see and photograph in April with snow still on the ground. 

April Geysers in Yellowstone

In April bison calves start to appear along the northern end of the park.  Male bears are also out and more birds are beginning to return.

April Wildlife in Yellowstone