Take better landscape photos!

Capture amazing images with 5 simple photography techniques.

Grab our course that walks you through each technique with step by step guides and video tutorials!


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take better landscape photos course

YOu’ve got a camera….

→ but your photos don’t turn out as amazing as you think they’ll be in your head

→ but you can’t capture the beauty you see in nature

→ but you have no self confidence in the photos you take

You’re not alone!

These are the frustrations we heard from many of our students.

Let us help you take better landscape photos…no matter what type of camera you have. 


5 simple steps to capture stunning nature photos!

The mini course has been created by Dave and Jamie who have helped hundreds of students improve their photography skills over the years. 

With this awesome, easy to follow mini course, you won’t have to:

• Be overwhelmed with learning so much content at one time.

• Feel the pressure to get “better” camera gear.

• Do it alone, with no one there to answer your questions!

Instead, you’ll be able to progress through the mini course knowing:

• You have access to step-by-step written guides for each technique.

• There are video tutorials with sample photos to help solidify the concept being taught.

• That practicing each technique will help you improve.

• You have 1-1 access to Dave & Jamie to answer questions and provide feedback!

take better landscape photos mini course

“The mini course is like exercise. The more you do, the stronger you get. As I practice each concept, it strengthens my skill level, increases my understanding, and builds my confidence. I feel like I’ve been through an accelerated course. I’m very grateful to have found this mini course!”  – Goldhara




Hi! We are Dave and Jamie from Photo Jeepers,

and we want to help you take amazing landscape photos!

Dave and Jamie at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

Dave and Jamie at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

We saw the need to help people learn to take better landscape photos, without the confusion and frustration!

Photography is simple. 

Amazing photos can be taken with any camera.

You just need someone to be your guide to help you along your photography journey path. 

Dave and Jamie at Arches National Park.

Dave and Jamie at Arches National Park in the winter.

We get emails from people about their frustrations for improving their photography skills.

In creating this Landscape Photography Mini Course, we want to take the overwhelm out of learning something new so you can easily progress in your own photography journey and enjoy taking photos.  


Dave photographing Dead Horse Point at sunset.

Dave photographing Dead Horse Point at sunset.


We feel bad when we hear people are disappointed with the pictures they take.

They don’t feel their photos compare to other images they see online.

Let us guide you step by step through this mini course so you’ll capture those amazing photos you dream about and are excited to share!

It’s like we’re there with you every step of the way.

There’s one thing that makes our course different from the rest…. 

 You have access to Dave & Jamie for 1-1 support!

That’s a big deal.

The Take Better Landscape Photos Mini Course includes:

A step by step written guide with photos for all 5 techniques…. to help you learn each concept without the overwhelm!

A video tutorial for all 5 techniques that explains each concept with photo examples…. to help reinforce what you’re learning!

A practice assignment for each technique…. because practicing what you learn is KEY to improving!

Access to Dave & Jamie for questions, feedback and support…. since having a guide with you along your journey is always a good thing!


take better landscape photos mini course

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take better landscape photos course

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