We love seeing the finished result of our photo editing service almost as much as our clients do! We have had the pleasure of working with photos that have been taken all around the world and bringing them to life has been a pleasure. To hear great words like these is the icing on the cake!

before our photo editing

The final images look AMAZING. I’m stunned. I think the two of you did a fantastic job editing my photos.

I was not expecting such refinement. You have a client for life!

Natalia from Amsterdam

after our photo editing
before our photo editing
after our photo editing

I’m very impressed with the photo editing that Photo Jeepers did!

I’m a fair photo editor myself, but I had some pictures that I took during low light that no matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to make them look like what I wanted!

Sadly, it was because of the “noise” when the shot was actually taken. I had given up on having a cool Northern Lights and Sahara Desert shot, until I took a chance with them. They didn’t get the pictures to look like how I wanted them in my mind, but they got like 90% close.

Unfortunately for me, it was because of how they were shot, so Photo Jeepers really made a miracle happen.

Their photo editing salvaged my toughest shots. I can’t wait to use them again with a shot that isn’t impossible to fix!

Carly Heyward, Flight of the Educator Travel Blog

before our photo editing

Thank you so much, Photo Jeepers! I’m really pleased with how your photo editing turned out!

I genuinely thought some of the photos were a lost cause as they were so poorly lit, but your professional photo editing has brought out so much detail.

The originals look so plain in comparison with the edited versions, what a difference!

Anna Gregory, Would Be Traveller

after our photo editing