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Expand your photography skills…while having FUN!

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The VIP group offers:

  • Weekly photo REVIEWS
  • Personalized FEEDBACK
  • Group DISCUSSIONS via Zoom

$15/month or $150 annually (2 months free!)

Does this sound familiar?

• I want to know how to use my camera.

• I need help figuring out the correct setting for the shot.

• I want to get out of auto mode and learn manual mode.

• My photos don’t turn out as amazing as I think they’ll be in my head.

• I ONLY use my phone camera so my photos won’t be as good.

BUT you don’t know where to start?

Join the VIP Group!

Get the TOOLS and SUPPORT you need to

take your photography to the next level!

why join vip groupwhy join vip group

$15/month or $150 annually (2 months free!)

Stop wasting time doing endless amounts of internet research…

 you won’t find this type of in-depth information

and hands-on support anywhere else!


Feedback is key for any photographer to improve their skills, but finding someone knowledgeable to share helpful feedback can be a challenge. Our PHOTO REVIEWS are one of the things our members tell us they love most about the VIP Group!


Weekly group discussions to help you learn techniques and tips about camera settings and composition. You’ll have access to the resource library full of video trainings: camera settings, composition techniques, individual photo reviews and step-by-step editing.


While you can practice your skills by yourself and seek out ways to improve on your own, you might be surprised to see just how much you can benefit from a community to learn and grow your photography skills! Our group is a fun, positive and encouraging space with likeminded people. 

“Ultimately, my photographs are better as a result of this group!”

“Dave & Jamie give photo specific evaluation to help me understand composition, light & camera equipment better. The group comments and questions help me understand different viewer perspectives.

– Beth

“It’s all about making you feel comfortable.”

“During the photo reviews, not only do you get to hear what the photographer saw and wanted to express, but everyone in the groups gets to say what they like about the photo and what changes they may have made to improve the image. I feel the more you share your work and get others input the more you are able to grow as a photographer. But with the VIP group you have the option of having a personal photo review or help with editing. Dave will video this for you to watch in private or you can choose to share it with the group.”

– James

“Feedback is very detailed and specific.”

“Dave and Jamie are phenomenal teachers and go above and beyond by providing individual step-by-step editing videos. The format of this group allows all the participants to give input to each other, which is my favorite part. This has really helped me develop artistically and realize that my input has value as well. I value the friendships and skills that have been cultivated in this positive, supportive environment.”

– Mel

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$15/month or $150 annually (2 months free!)

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Meet Dave & Jamie


Hi! We love helping fellow nature photographers improve their skills and confidence! For years we’ve seen the power of providing photo challenges and photo reviews on a consistent basis in our Facebook Group: Your Photography Journey. And we learned how important it is to interact with a positive community of like-minded people. We saw the need to offer more personalized in-depth training and coaching. That’s why we created Your Photography Guide VIP Group!


When is the live training?

Live Zoom call each week (Sundays at 5:30 pm ET): personalized feedback on select photos by Dave, Jamie and the rest of the group

  • – Weekly photo reviews
  • – Weekly editing exercise discussion
  • – Q&A

What if I’m a beginning level photographer?

See what Nadine in the group has to say: “I know that my phone has limitations, but VIP helped me learn composition, editing, and the basics of photography and I saw improvement right away!”

What type of camera do I need?

ALL types of cameras are welcome! Jamie and others in the group use a camera phone. Dave uses a Nikon DSLR camera and other in the group use all makes of DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras. Understanding the camera you have, composition and light are what make all the difference! And that’s what you’ll learn in the group.

What else does the VIP group offer?

There are weekly challenges and editing exercises to improve your skills. You’ll have access to our resource library of videos: camera settings, composition techniques, and step-by-step editing.

“I absolutely LOVE this group!”

“They are supporting and eager to share and help others. I love that I learn more about what went into getting a good shot and making a good picture. It is more than just composing … it is what went into getting the right composition. It is more than getting a good angle on a bird, but where they went and how long it took to learn where to find the subject.”

– Kevin

“Dave and Jamie are great encouragers!”

“Everyone is kind and learning to enhance their photo taking abilities alongside you.  I think everyone benefits from being a part of this group. Many lasting relationships come about from spending time with like minded people:  photographers.

– Rebecca

“Feedback is very detailed and specific.”

“I have been in a photography slump at times and watching and discussing photography with other photographers helps generate momentum to get out and shoot. Being a member automatically gives you a feeling of closeness to other members. I can share something I know that will help other members grow in their journey!”

– Hoyt

Are you ready to improve your photography skills, get invaluable feedback, and make some new friends?

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