10 Best Travel Toys for Younger Kids

Planning a family road trip?  Or will you be flying with a baby and kids?

Be prepared with travel toys to reduce the number of times your children say “Are we there yet?”

Size Matters. When choosing toys to bring, consider how much space they will take up versus how much time your kids will spend playing with them.

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Travel Doodler


A travel size doodle toy is fun for anyone over age 1. The kids like to give ideas for mom and dad to draw, then laugh and erase it, and do it again.

You can use it for tic-tac-toe, Pictionary, practice letter writing, and more.

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Magnetic Play Sets


Magnetic tins, paper dolls and play scenes allow kids to use their imagination to create a story.

Children can play with their favorite paper dolls or story scenes with less mess since the magnets keep the pieces together.  The best part is the small parts don’t get lost.

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Triangle Crayons and Sketch Pad


Triangle crayons are a MUST when traveling. They stay in place and don’t roll off the tray table on the plane or lap tray in the car.

One of the best uses of drawing pad paper while traveling is to draw a little “play place” for kids to use to play with their toy cars or animals.

Draw a farm or jungle scene for them to play with small animals, or draw some roads to drive cars on. This not only entertains the kids while they watch me draw, they can then play with it with their toys, and it can be left behind after.

If you have a pen in your purse, you can also do this on the back of a paper place mat in a restaurant. It’s a great way to entertain kids in a restaurant as well.

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Water Wow


No-mess painting for kids with these water-reveal pads! Simply use the pen to color, let the page dry to erase the pictures and color it again and again.

The chunky-sized water pen stores neatly in the front cover making these spiral-bound books the perfect travel activity for kids.


Reusable Sticker Pad

Keep little fingers busy with stickers. Find a reusable sticker pad that can be used over and over.

The vinyl cling sticker material means no more peeling paper stickers off airplane tray tables, car seats and windows at the end of the ride!

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Finger Puppets

Watch out! These smiling animal finger puppets will provide fun and imagination during a long car or airplane ride. And not just for your child!

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Quiet Busy Book

A busy book is the perfect travel toy to keep kids entertained. Find one that fully zips closed so pieces don’t get lost. 

Electronics and Headphones

Pack electronics, including a tablet, when flying with baby and toddlersSound Intone headphones are a must for flying with a baby and toddler

If your child is willing to be entertained by a DVD player or tablet, bring it.

Let the novelty of being in the car or on the airplane work it’s magic before pulling out the electronics.

Consider buying a new movie or show because the novelty will last longer, even in a new setting. And make sure you have pre-downloaded everything in case there is no wi-fi.

You’ll also want to invest in kid-sized headphonesI recommend over-ear headphones for kids. The folding ones are very convenient for packing in a carryon.

Do NOT buy expensive headphones for young children. They won’t appreciate the sound quality, and trust me – the expensive ones break just as easily.

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Are you looking for the perfect gifts for kids who travel? We will share our favorite travel toys for younger kids to help keep them distracted and happy on long trips. If you’re planning a road trip for the holidays, you’ll want to grab these fun travel toys and travel activities for a road trip with kids before you leave. Make sure you save this to your travel or Christmas board so you can grab these gifts for your kids!    Best travel toys for younger kids

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This is such a cool list! I wish we had these things when I was a kid to keep myself entertained for 12 hour flights. So colorful! Love this post, thanks for sharing!


I would have loved these toys and gadgets when I was younger! Great list of travel toys.


Great recommendations! Will really come in handy when I get to bring my daughter along with me when we travel.. 🙂 A happy kid makes the adventure more fun! ;).. I’d definitely agree on not buying expensive headphones (or any toy for that matter). Usually the quality is more or the less the same with inexpensive ones..


Awesome list!! Whenever I travel with my young nephew I make sure to bring as many things to occupy him as possible. The water wow tool looks fun!


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