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Do you have someone on your list that loves photography? Finding good photography themed gifts for family and friends is so hard at times.

There are lots of things we recommend in our travel photography gift guide for people who enjoy taking pictures as they travel.

In the list below, we share great gift ideas specifically for your photography friends! 

photography themed gift ideas
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Photography themed gifts are the perfect gift for any photography lover. Use our list of camera equipment, photography apparel, mugs and more to find that perfect gift for the photographer on your list.

Camera Equipment Gift Ideas

If you know a photographer or if you are one yourself, then this gift idea list is for you!

Camera Accessories we use: Amazon and B&H Photo

camera accessories

Photography Courses and Books

Photography T-Shirts for Women

I’m About To Snap Shirt

This cute t-shirt is perfect for any photography lover. The sizing is unisex, so be sure to size down! You can choose the color of the shirt and also the color of the font so that it can truly be personal to the person you are gifting it to.

→  Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

What the f? Women’s Shirt

If you’re looking for a fun shirt that has a little humor, this is the one. These high-quality photographer shirts come in 5 different vibrant colors.

→ Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

Coffee and Editing Shirt

This shirt is an excellent option if you look for a shirt that truly depicts what photographers spend so much of their time doing. There are also options for tank tops and men and kids sizing if you’re interested in those as well.

→  Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

I Shoot People T-Shirt Featuring Camera

Tons of colors to choose from with this adorable shirt! It’s a soft cotton blend perfect for casual wear.

→  Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

  • FIND Photography Shirts for Women at ETSY
  • FIND Photography Shirts for Women at AMAZON

Photography T-Shirts for Men

Vintage Photography T-Shirt

This soft and light shirt is very high quality and can be customized to preferences with the neckline! The graphic is exciting and casual for everyday wear.

→  Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

Lens Size Matters Shirt

This casual fitting shirt is uniquely soft and comfortable. It comes in both solid and heather colors. With a cotton polyester blend, any man would love this funny shirt.

→  Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

Camera Patent Blueprint Photography T-Shirt

Sophisticated and relaxed, this t-shirt has an interesting design that breaks down the parts of a camera. A guy will love the deep, high-quality colors this comes in as well. 

→ Get the shirt at Etsy HERE.

Never Lose Focus Photography T-Shirt

This is a funny shirt design that lets everybody know that a photographer must never lose focus. The vintage design really stands, and the shirt has a lightweight, classic fit.

→ Get the shirt at Amazon HERE.

I Have All The Gear I Need Funny Photographer T-Shirt

When you’re genuinely dedicated to a hobby, you can never have enough accessories! This shirt captures that funny feeling and comes in 5 great colors. You are sure to find a great color for who you are gifting it to!

→  Get the shirt at Amazon HERE.

  • FIND Photography Shirts for Men at ETSY
  • FIND Photography Shirts for Men at AMAZON

Photography Mugs

I Shoot People Photographer Coffee Mug

Every photographer needs to have their morning coffee or hot chocolate in a humorous mug. You won’t be able to stop laughing, and it will definitely start the day off right.

→ Get the mug at Amazon HERE.

Camera Lens Campfire Mugs

I love that you can personalize these mugs with personal names or business names. It’s a simple design and has some great colors to choose from to customize them.

→  Get the mugs at Etsy HERE.

Camera Lens Mugs

There are many different options for a camera lens mug depending on the type of cup you want to gift. It’s also easy to find mugs to customize with names, dates, and more!

→ Get the mugs at Etsy HERE.

  • FIND Photography Mugs at ETSY
  • FIND Photography Mugs at AMAZON

Camera Straps

Blue Vintage Woven Camera Strap

This adjustable premium camera strap works with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Fujifilm, and Digital Cameras. It’s reliable and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about your expensive gear getting damaged. And it’s also very stylish as well!

→ Get the camera strap at Amazon HERE.

Brown Leather Camera Strap

This high-quality camera strap is durable and secure! The best part is that as the strap ages, it will become more and more comfortable. It comes with two different kinds of connection types, so it’s very versatile for use with all cameras.

→  Get the camera strap at Amazon HERE.

Camera Strap Wildflower Design

If you’re searching for a unique camera strap that is soft, then this is it! The beautiful design is functional, and the strap is also adjustable. It’s compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Digital Cameras.

→ Get the camera strap at Etsy HERE.

Personalized Leather Camera Strap

Resistant to extreme weather, this camera strap can also be personalized with names and initials. It’s handcrafted and made of leather. And don’t worry, it’s also compatible with any camera!

→ Get a personalized camera strap at Etsy HERE.

Stripe Retro Camera Strap

This retro camera strap isn’t just cute; it’s made with designer fabric. The person receiving this gift won’t have to worry about sacrificing style or comfort because this is the best of both worlds. They are designed to fit all SLR and DSLR cameras.

→ Get the camera strap at Etsy HERE.

  • FIND Camera Straps at ETSY
  • FIND Camera Straps at AMAZON

Photography Hats

Shutter Hat

This is a classic trucker hat with a laser engraved leather patch. It’s very high quality and has an adjustable snapback for the perfect fit.

→ Get the shutter hat at Etsy HERE.

Memory Maker Embroidered Hat

A pink hat with gorgeous embroidered font is a fantastic gift idea! Photographers are the memory makers, and it should definitely be advertised freely for all to see.

→  Get the hat at Etsy HERE.

Born to Shoot Knit Beanie

This stylish and warm beanie is perfect for the photographer that needs to keep warm during a winter, spring, or fall shoot. It’s one size fits all and would be great for any casual occasion.

→  Get the beanie at Etsy HERE.

The Photographer Baseball Cap

This soft and comfortable photography hat is breathable and thick, so you know it will hold up to any task. There are several different colors to choose from, making it somewhat customizable to your preferences.

→ Get the hat at Amazon HERE.

Photographer Lovers Beanie Hat

A versatile handmade beanie that is cozy and comfortable has been found. The design includes a camera for the letter ‘o’ in the word “love”. A great gift idea for someone who photographs outdoors.

→ Get the beanie at Etsy HERE.


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