Grand Teton National Park Packing Lists

Use our Grand Teton National Park Packing Lists to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your trip. It’s important to know the activities and things you’ll do so you can pack accordingly.

This Grand Teton National Park guide will help you plan your trip and daily itineraries!

Grand Teton packing lists free printables

The packing lists for Grand Teton National Park are fairly comprehensive and you may not need every item depending on your type of travel or the things you will do. Make modifications to the lists as needed.

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A Photo Tour of Grand Teton National Park

Take a visual tour through Grand Teton National Park to see the stunning landscape and wildlife you’ll find in the park!

Packing For a Trip to Grand Teton National Park

Season and weather are important to consider when packing for your Grand Teton National Park trip. Weather can be unpredictable any time of year, so be sure to check the forecast and pack accordingly!

Grand Teton in the Spring

When you visit Grand Teton National Park in the spring expect cool mild days and cold nights with rain and snow any time. Check the Grand Teteon weather and be prepared with the right clothing (we always have our winter clothing with us in the Jeep because you never know!)

  • March highs around 40˚ / lows around 12˚
  • April highs around 50˚ / lows around 22˚
  • May highs around 60˚ / lows around 30˚

Grand Teton in the Summer

Most of the year’s rainfall happens at Grand Teton National Park in the summer; afternoon thunderstorms are common. Definitely pack a rain jacket and fleece jacket for the cold mornings. You’ll also need water and sun protection for the summer months: hydration packsrefillable water bottlessunscreensunhat, and UV protection clothing.

  • June average high 70˚ / low 37˚
  • July average high 81˚ / low 42˚
  • August average high 80˚ / low 40˚

Grand Teton in the Fall

At Grand Teton in the fall, expect sun with occasional rain and snow in September and October. The first heavy snowfall begins the first part of November. The low temperatures will be COLD so pack layers: fleece jacket, insulated jacket, winter hat, winter gloves, and rechargeable hand warmers!

  • September average high 70˚ / low 32˚
  • October average high 56˚ / low 23˚
  • November average high 38˚ / low 14˚

Grand Teton in the Winter

Grand Teton National Park in the winter there are frequent winter snow storms. Between storms the days are sunny, but the temperatures will be COLD! The nights are close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit! Wear winter clothing layers for sure!

  • December average highs 26˚ / lows 2˚
  • January average highs 26˚ / lows 1˚
  • February average high 31˚ / low 3˚


Here’s a list of items we recommend you pack for a trip to Grand Teton:

The America the Beautiful Annual Pass

We highly recommend you get the US National Park Pass, especially if you’ll be visiting multiple parks. It’s valid for one year from the date of purchase. Check the National Park Service website for the most current pricing information.

If you’re a US citizen these other passes are also available:

  • Senior Pass if you’re over 62
  • Military Pass
  • 4th Grade Pass

One of the cool features of the national parks pass is it allows two signatures so the pass can be shared. The two people don’t have to be related either. You will need to show photo ID each time you use the pass.

We like to buy our National Park pass through REI – they donate 10% of sale proceeds to the National Park Foundation which is cool! You can also get them at any of these Federal Recreation Areas.

Daypack Items for Outdoor Activities at Grand Teton

Hiking Gear for Grand Teton

Clothing for Spring, Summer and Fall at Grand Teton

You’ll want to wear wicking clothing so it pulls moisture (sweat) away from you and moves it to the fabric’s outer surface, where it can dry quickly. Wicking clothing allows you to sweat without feeling clammy or chilled.

Clothing For Winter at Grand Teton

→ Winter Clothing Guide for Outdoor Adventure and Photography

Other Important Gear to Pack for Grand Teton

Grand Teton maps and guides

AMAZON: Yellowstone and Grand Teton Guides and Maps

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Plan a Grand Teton Vacation

Where to Stay in Jackson Near Grand Teton

Here’s a list of our favorite places to stay:

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