Find the Best Camera For Hiking

Looking for the best camera for hiking? We’ve put together a list of cameras that are perfect for hiking due to their portability, size and weight.

People always ask us about the travel photography gear we use when hiking so here’s our list!

The cameras below are compact, lightweight and perfect for photographing the outdoors!

10 cameras for hiking


We use a Camera Gear Checklist to help us pack all the equipment we need – that way we don’t forget anything!

We recommend the following camera equipment for taking landscape photos:

1. Camera: You probably already have one, but if you’re looking for something new  → check out the compact travel cameras we recommend!

2. Tripod: Using a tripod is something we’ll always recommend. There are many compact and lightweight travel tripods we recommend!

3. Camera Bag: Protecting your camera from sand and water is essential. Using a camera backpack is so nice for hiking too.  → We use Lowepro camera backpacks for outdoor photography.

4. Neutral density filter: There can be extreme differences in light when taking landscape pictures. To compensate for this variance of light you’ll need to use a neutral density filter.  → Check out the Kase magnetic filters we use!

5. Camera cleaning kit: You’ll want a field cleaning kit to remove dust or water that WILL get on your lens. NOTE: this is not for cleaning the sensor.  → This is the camera cleaning kit we use!

6. Memory cards: Purchase name brand memory cards since you’re trusting your images to the card!  → We use Lexar and Sandisk!

7. External hard drive: Don’t forget to copy the photos to a portable external hard drive ‘just in case’.  → Check out these awesome portable external hard drives

8. Headlamp: For the best sunrise shots, you want to arrive at your designated location well before the sun rises. Most of the time this means total darkness. Use a flashlight or headlamp to light your way from the parking lot to your spot. Wearing a headlamp allows you to set up your equipment without having to hold a flashlight. Remember to use the red light setting and keep the beam pointed on the ground in front of you to avoid disrupting other photographers in the area taking long exposure shots. → Check out these headlamps with the red light!


The best camera for hiking should be compact, portable and lightweight.

As you hike, you want camera gear to capture all the amazing things you see, but it needs to be small enough and light enough not to weigh you down.

The cameras we’ve listed will shoot high quality photos and video of your hiking adventures!

There are five things to consider when researching the best camera to add to your photography gear for hiking:

  • Image quality
  • Zoom range
  • Size and weight
  • Simplicity
  • Price

Other cameras to consider:

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