10 Awesome Compact Travel Cameras

We often get asked this question about our travel photography gear: “What is the best compact travel camera?”

To answer this question, we decided that the criteria for a ‘travel camera’ for this article means: the camera must produce quality photos without sacrificing convenience.

10 compact travel cameras

Most decent cameras can produce good images, but there are only a few that offer features to produce high-quality photos AND are convenient to carry and use when traveling.

This buyer’s guide is for the traveler who wants quality images, but doesn’t want to transport and carry heavy cameras.

Plus we’ll share how to choose the right compact camera for your travel style and needs.

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Where Should I Buy Camera Equipment?

We get asked this question often. There are two places where we buy our cameras, lenses and other accessories: Amazon and B&H Photo.

B&H Photo is our go-to company for buying the high quality cameras, tripods and lenses. They are a reputable company that’s been in business for over 45 years. Their customer service and knowledge about photography equipment gives us peace of mind when spending money on higher ticket items.

→ Photography Gear at B&H Photo

Amazon is where we buy most of our camera accessories like filters, memory cards, etc. The free two-day shipping is always a plus. We have bought cameras, lenses and tripods from Amazon with no problem as well. They are good about returns, but won’t be able to answer gear-specific questions.

→ Photography Gear on Amazon

How to Choose the Right Travel Camera

When choosing the best travel camera for your needs, you must know what type of photography you will do.

Each camera has different strengths and weaknesses depending on what you’re using them for.

Are you going to photograph landscapes, wildlife, people or adventure activities? Do you need weatherproofing & ruggedness? What is your budget?

You may not find a compact travel camera with every function and feature so it’s important to know your specific needs and preferences to help you find the one that’s right for you.

You’ll also want to find the best camera backpack for travel to hold all your photography equipment!

List of Compact Travel Cameras

Check out this list of compact travel cameras that product quality photos to capture your vacation memories!

Landscape Photography Gear Resources

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