National Park Ornaments Are Festive Vacation Keepsakes

You may want to consider collecting National Park ornaments to relive the memories of your national park adventures.

Decorating a tree with travel Christmas ornaments from the National Parks is a fun way to remember the places you’ve been on your vacations. Pick up an ornament for every park you visit!

We love visiting national parks and enjoy having a keepsake to take back home with us. National Park Christmas ornaments are great keepsakes and can keep your vacation memories alive long after your trip has ended.

National Park ornaments

Not only do these make a great keepsake for your holiday tree, but they can also be a great gift idea for other national park lovers too!

You could also add hiking ornaments, wildlife ornaments or other outdoor-themed ornaments to compliment the ones from the national parks.

Ornaments are a terrific keepsake collectible you can buy at any time of the year. Anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy ornaments that feature America’s national parks, monuments, and more.

Click the graphic below to grab your free copy of all the US National Parks by State to keep track of the ornaments you buy for each park!

get the free national parks by state list
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National Park Ornaments

Welcome to our collection of national park ornaments! Each piece in this selection represents the unique beauty and rich history of America's beloved national parks.

They're not just decorations, but a celebration of America's stunning natural heritage, each with a story to tell.

Metal National Park Ornaments

These fun metal ornaments are created out of sustainably recycled steel. Metal national park ornaments are the perfect addition to a rustic decor.

Glass Blown National Park Ornaments

These hand crafted Christmas decorations are made from molten glass and mouth-blown into finely carved molds. The National Park ornaments are all traditionally designed and hand-painted and glittered.

Ceramic National Park Christmas Ornaments

Ceramic ornaments print an image on one side through a sublimation heat processes to ensure a permanent image. Unlike vinyl, these ornaments won't fade, peel, or have raised edges. High quality porcelains and inks are used to give the best possible finish.

National Park Wood Ornaments

Wood laser cut ornaments cut from sustainable wood products. These are cut from a natural product, and there may be some variations in how the final ornament looks like, but it will be very similar to the ones pictured. 

Nature Themed Ornaments

We’ve compiled a list of nature themed ornaments to compliment the National Park ornaments. Use these ideas to get started with this fun holiday tradition of collecting and displaying vacation keepsakes!

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National Park Christmas Ornaments

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