40+ November Vacation Ideas in the US By Region

Check out this fun list of November vacation ideas in the US by region. You’ll find cool places to visit and awesome things to do in November all around the country!

Use this guide that features US travel ideas based on the part of the country you want to visit. Plus you’ll find tips and resources to find the perfect getaway destination in November.

usa vacation ideas in November: Bryce Canyon, Vermont fall leaves, Hawaii shoreline

The United States offers a diverse range of destinations perfect for this time of year. For those who love the crisp chill in the air, consider a trip to the northeast.

If you’re more inclined towards a warmer climate, Florida’s beaches are less crowded and just as beautiful in November.

For a more relaxed, peaceful vacation, the Napa Valley in California, known for its world-class wineries and stunning fall colors, is a perfect choice.

We’ve teamed up with other travelers to compile this list of travel guides, road trip itineraries, things to do, what to pack, and where to stay on your USA vacation in November!

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Places to Travel in November in the USA

Here’s a list of travel ideas to add to your USA bucket list for a future fall vacation:

Thank you to our travel friends for sharing fun destinations and things to do in the US in November!

Wherever you choose to go, the US in November is sure to provide a memorable vacation!

November Vacation Ideas in the US

November is an ideal time to explore various vacation spots across the United States. If you're craving for a classic autumn experience, New England, with its vibrant foliage, offers a picturesque retreat.

For sunseekers, Florida's beaches remain pleasantly warm and less crowded at this time. Alternatively, consider a trip to the desert landscapes of Arizona or New Mexico, where the climate is moderate and perfect for outdoor exploration.

For those with a love for culture and urban life, the city of New Orleans bursts with unique music, food, and art scenes.

Lastly, for a winter wonderland, head to Colorado's ski resorts that begin to welcome visitors in November.

Check out all the November vacation ideas around the US by region!

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Check out this list of fun vacation ideas in November you can do visiting the US Midwest States.

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Places to Visit in November: USA Northeast States

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