Best Lenses For Wildlife Photography

We often get asked our recommendations for the best lenses for wildlife photography.

If you’re looking for a good lens to add to your travel photography gear to photograph wildlife, it’s important to know and understand the features you’ll need in order to make the best comparisons.

best lenses for wildlife photography

You’ll find good wildlife photography lenses in all price ranges to suit any budget. Keep in mind the biggest expense for wildlife photography will be the lens. You could have the best camera, but a poor quality lens could produce soft images that aren’t as sharp as you hoped.

So what’s the best lens for wildlife photography? Check out all the lenses for wildlife photography we recommend that fit all budgets.

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Wildlife Photography Gear

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Features of a Good Wildlife Photography Lens

Zoom lenses for wildlife photography – allow for flexibility, giving you a range of focal lengths you can use. This means you can achieve a variety of compositions for your photo, since you aren’t limited by the fixed focal length of a prime lens. Some zoom lenses implement varying maximum aperture as you zoom in (shooting at 150mm, you can use an f/5 aperture, but shooting at 600mm, you’re limited to f/6.3 and smaller).

Prime lenses for wildlife photography – you’ll find most prime lenses produce sharper images than the zoom lenses. But we recommend you look at comparisons between particular lenses in your budget to see the true differences there. You’ll find some zoom lenses that are sharper than many primes – it really depends what you can afford. Prime lenses tend to be more expensive because they are faster and have a much wider maximum aperture.

Best Lenses for Wildlife Photography

Be sure to find the telephoto lens for your specific camera model: Canon, Nikon, or Sony!

NIKON Lenses for Wildlife Photography

CANON Lenses for Wildlife Photography

SONY Lenses for Wildlife Photography

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