Best Tripod Head For Wildlife Photography

We often get asked our recommendations for the best tripod head for wildlife photography.

This guide features 5 tripod heads we recommend you consider adding to your travel photography gear for taking pictures of wildlife.

5 tripod heads for wildlife photography

A gimbal head is a must-have for any wildlife photographer using a long lens. Telephoto lenses are big, heavy, and not easy to move around. If you mount a heavy lens to a ball head, it will inevitably move even when the head is locked in place.

The design of a gimbal head balances the lens at its center of gravity. This allows you to freely move the lens and it stays locked in any position.

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Wildlife Photography Cameras and Tripods

If you’re looking for a new camera for wildlife photography, here are the features you need to look for:

  • Good burst mode
  • Decent buffer depth 
  • Fast and efficient autofocus 
  • Lens or lens range

When looking at tripods for wildlife photography, tripod size and weight are important to note if you’ll carry it while traveling or hiking. Also note the load capacity to be sure the tripod can hold your heaviest camera and lens combination.

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Best Tripod Heads for Wildlife Photography

Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

We love our Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod. It is ideal for hiking due to a very compact fold-down design that allows it to fit nicely into our camera backpack. It’s strong and sturdy despite its lightweight structure, and will handle all but the heaviest telephoto lenses. This tripod stabilizes my Nikon D850 and Nikon 500mm F5.6 lens very well – it’s a terrific tripod for wildlife photography.

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