Scenic Drive to Needles Overlook in Utah

Located near Needles Canyonlands in southeast Utah, the Needles Overlook is a stunning place to see views of the red and white sandstone spires known as “the Needles”.

From this vantage point, you’ll quickly see why the Needles Overlook is one of the many places to visit in Utah to add to your bucket list!

Visiting Needles Overlook

With its unique geologic formations and stunning scenery, Needles Overlook is a must-see destination for any traveler looking to explore Utah’s magnificent natural beauty.

Be sure to add a stop at Anticline Overlook to see views of Kane Creek, Potash Ponds, Island in the Sky, and Dead Horse Point!

Since you’ll be so close, be sure to check out all the things you can do in one day at Needles Canyonlands National Park.

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Visiting Needles Overlook in Utah

From the Needles Overlook, visitors can take in sweeping 360-degree views of the La Sal Mountains, Navajo Mountain, and Monument Valley.

The overlook sits 1,600 feet above the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. It’s not within the Canyonlands boundaries, or part of the National Park, but managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Needles Overlook view
Needles Overlook view

Needles Overlook is off Highway 191 on County road 133 between Moab and Monticello. The 22 mile drive to the overlook is a scenic side trip and worth the time! It’s a graded dirt road suitable for any vehicle.

road to Needles Overlook
Graded dirt road drive

There isn’t just one designated overlook here. You’ll find marked loop trails, some are wheelchair accessible, and several benches to sit and admire the views to the north, west, and south all along the rim atop the mesa.

trail at Needles Overlook
Hiking trails

A sturdy rail runs along the edge of the overlook area, but there are areas with no rail so be sure to watch your step and keep an eye on children.

Because the overlook sits atop a mesa, be prepared for intense sun and strong winds. There is one small shelter, but that’s about it for shade here.

photographer at Needles Overlook
Photographing the view

As far as services go, there is a pit toilet at the parking area, but no water available. Before leaving Moab or Monticello, make sure your gas tank is full and that you have water, food, and other supplies you’ll need based on the weather.

Camping is not allowed at Needles Overlook.

view from Needles Overlook
View from Needles Overlook

Directions to Needles Overlook

Moab to Needles Overlook: Drive approximately 32 miles south of Moab on Highway 191. Turn west on Co. Rd 133/Needles Overlook Rd. Continue on the road for about 22 miles where you’ll reach the parking area.

Monticello to Needles Overlook: Drive approximately 21 miles north of Monticello on Highway 191. Turn west on Co. Rd 133/Needles Overlook Rd. Continue on the road for about 22 miles where you’ll reach the parking area.

Have your camera gear ready to capture amazing photos when things are presented to you as you explore this scenic area!

Drive to Needles Overlook
Amazing landscape near Needles Overlook

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