Places to Visit in Oregon in the Spring

Oregon is a state in the Northwest USA known for breathtaking landscapes and diverse climates! You’ll find a variety of places to visit in Oregon in the spring like beaches, National Parks, State Parks, hiking trails, and more!

If you’re looking for Oregon vacation ideas, consider visiting during the spring months of March, April, and May when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller compared to peak tourist seasons.

12 places to go in Oregon in the spring

In the spring you can enjoy cherry blossoms in Portland, explore the charming towns of the Central Oregon high desert, or road trip along the Oregon Coast.

The spring weather in Oregon will vary from the coast, inland desert, and mountains. It’s important to know the weather forecast and road conditions for the places you’ll visit in the spring so you’re prepared with the right clothing, gear, and supplies!

Keep in mind during the early spring months some mountain passes will require chains due to snow conditions. We’ve experienced a scary drive through a blizzard in April trying to head to the Oregon Coast from the east driving over a few mountain passes!

We’ve compiled this comprehensive list of must-do activities that belong on every Oregon Bucket List: things to see, do and taste all around the state! Grab the free download by clicking the graphic below!

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Visiting Oregon in the Spring

When it comes to planning a spring trip to Oregon, it’s important to know the weather to expect for the location you plan to visit. Here are the main climate regions in Oregon to give you an idea of temperatures to expect:

Oregon Coast Spring Weather – All along the coast expect average highs near 60 and lows 45 degrees F. Be prepared for some rain.

Portland Oregon Spring Weather – Expect average highs 61 and lows 42 with some rain.

Mt. Hood & Columbia River Gorge Spring Weather – In Hood River and The Dalles expect average highs 63 and lows 38 with some rain. In Government Camp highs are 45 with lows 30 and expect rain and snow showers!

Central Oregon Spring Weather – In Bend, Redmond and Sisters expect average highs 57 and lows 30. Rain or snow showers are possible any time in early spring.

Eastern Oregon Spring Weather – In John Day, La Grande Pendleton expect average highs 57 and lows 30. Be prepared for rain or snow.

Southern Oregon Spring Weather – In Medford expect average highs 70 and lows 41. In Klamath Falls and Roseburg expect average highs 61 and lows 30.

Willamette Valley Spring Weather – In Canby, Corvallis and Eugene expect average highs 61 and lows 40. Be prepared for rain.

At some locations in the spring, Oregon will still feel like winter. Depending on the location you’ll be visiting, you might still need warm winter clothing in addition to layers!

spring hiking gear
Map of Places to Visit in Oregon in the Spring

Map of Oregon Vacation Spots in the Spring

Here is a map of spring vacation spots in Oregon to help you plan your travel itinerary! Remember that road conditions and travel through the state from location to location could be impacted by weather!

We recommend the Oregon GuideAlong App to hear fun behind-the-scenes stories and local tips that play automatically as you drive, based on your GPS location as you drive through the state!

Places to Visit in Oregon in the Spring

There are fun spring activities to enjoy in Oregon. You can stroll through the tulip fields at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, hit the trails in Silver Falls State Park, or enjoy wildlife viewing to spot whales on the coast.

We’ve asked our travel friends to share their favorite places to visit in Oregon during the spring months! Here are their recommendations and tips!

Shipwreck of Peter Iredale
Shipwreck of Peter Iredale

Astoria in the Spring

Astoria, Oregon is a cute, charming town located on the Oregon Coast. While it is a great destination year-round, Astoria in the spring brings rising temperatures and fewer crowds than in the summer.

When visiting Astoria, you can walk along the waterfront, visit the shops in the historic downtown, and explore Fort Stevens State Park. While at Fort Stevens State Park, you can see the Shipwreck of Peter Iredale, the remaining frame of a ship that was wrecked in 1936.

Just a few minutes away from the shipwreck, you can check out Battery Russell, a former military installation from WWII. Once you’re done exploring for the day, stop by Fort George Brewery for dinner.

When you visit Astoria in the spring, be sure to bring a raincoat. It can often be windy or rainy in the spring, but you may still get lucky with some sunshine. The weather can change quickly on the coast, so dressing in layers can help with the weather fluctuations in the spring. (Recommended by Maddie, Maddie Deer)

Places to Stay in Astoria, Oregon

Coquille River Lighthouse
Coquille River Lighthouse

Bandon in the Spring

Bandon, Oregon is the perfect place to visit in the spring. With the beautiful beaches and historic downtown, it’s one of our favorite coastal towns in Oregon.  

It’s a fun location to visit in Oregon with kids with lots of ideas to keep your whole family entertained. 

The Oregon State Parks in Bandon are so scenic featuring rocks and sea stacks with cool names like Face Rock and Wizards Hat. A must-do activity are the horse rides along the beach offered by Bandon Beach Riding Stables!

Of course you can’t miss seeing the Coquille River Lighthouse accessed in Bullards Beach State Park. It’s also a fun place to watch surfers near the jetty!

If you have a 4WD vehicle and are experienced driving in sand, we recommend exploring Whiskey Run Beach! Make sure you’re confident with your vehicle’s ability, and your driving ability, before driving on the beach. Towing companies charge $2,000 or more for beach towing! (Recommended by Dave & Jamie, Photo Jeepers)

Places to Stay in Bandon, Oregon

Bend Oregon Food Trucks
Bend Oregon Food Trucks

Bend in the Spring

There is something for everyone when visiting Bend, Oregon in the spring! In the distance, the surrounding mountains remain snowcapped, but colorful spring flowers pop up in unexpected places. A tree-lined walk along the Deschutes River winds through the city and passes near the Old Mill, a repurposed lumber mill, surely will have you appreciating the wonders of a spring day in the Northwest.

Take time to head to one of the places, like Midtown Yacht Club (alas, no water involved), with a semi-circle of food trucks providing a variety of choices. Match your food with a local IPA, sit around one of the firepits, and strike up conversations with the locals.

Bend is known for its many artists working in multiple disciplines who capture the brilliant sunrises and sunsets over the mountains. Take time to wander down Main Streets and walk into the many galleries. If you love the outdoors, Spring in Bend is a beautiful time of year, for it awakens after its winter nap. (Recommended by Kathy, Palm Springs Insider Guide)

Places to Stay in Bend, Oregon

Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach in Spring

Just an hour and a half from Portland is Cannon Beach, a small coastal town that should be on every Pacific Northwest itinerary this spring. 

Haystack Rock is the pinnacle of Cannon Beach. As the tide retreats, it reveals a hidden world of starfish, crabs, and anemones. Check tide charts and plan to be at Haystack Rock an hour before the low tide, indicated by 0.0 feet or lower on the tide charts. The low tides create hundreds of vibrant tide pools around the rocks.

The Cannon Beach area should be on your list of places to visit in Oregon with kids! While sea creatures dwell below the water, Tufted Puffins make nests at the top of the rock. Spring mornings provide the best changes to see Puffins at Cannon Beach, as they are most active first thing in the morning from April to August.

A stop to Cannon Beach wouldn’t be complete without brunch with a view at the Wayfarer. If you have time, venture on to Hugs Point, just five miles south of Cannon Beach. Here, the changing seasons create a beach waterfall, and mussels line the walls of sandstone caves. (Recommended by Anjelique, Quick Stays & Getaways)

Places to Stay in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Multnomah Falls
Multnomah Falls

Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls in Spring

Oregon in the spring is a beautiful place to visit. With wildflowers starting to bloom and waterfalls rushing with snow melt, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Oregon in the spring.

The Columbia River Gorge does not really have a bad season, but spring is extra special. Be prepared for some remaining snow and ice if you are visiting higher elevations on your hikes.

One of the best Oregon photography locations is the Columbia River Gorge area that is filled with breathtaking waterfalls. In the spring you’ll see more water than usual rushing over the edge from the melting snow above.

Some of the best waterfalls near Portland are located in the Columbia River Gorge. Don’t miss out on a stop at Multnomah Falls, but get there early to snag a parking spot. Bridal Veil Falls, Upper Latourell Falls, and several others are nearby and easy to add onto a day drive through the gorge. (Recommended by Christine, Live Love Run Travel)

Places to Stay Near Columbia River Gorge

Crater Lake with snow
Crater Lake in early spring

Crater Lake National Park in the Spring

Crater Lake National Park, located in southern Oregon, is the state’s only national park, and its startlingly blue volcanic lake is the deepest in the U.S. The park is open year-round, and it’s a popular place to visit in Oregon in summer.

Visiting in the early spring can be tough due to weather and adverse conditions. We ran into a blizzard one April trying to get across the pass so always check weather and road conditions before heading out!

It’s a unique and serene experience, as the national park is often covered in a blanket of snow through most of the spring. Be prepared for cold temperatures and variable weather conditions. Wear winter clothing, dress in layers, and bring waterproof gear. 

The snow enhances the beauty of the lake and surrounding areas, but it is also possible that you will be unable to see the lake due to low-lying fog.  

Due to snow accumulation, certain park facilities, roads, and amenities may be limited or closed. The Rim Drive offers panoramic views of the lake, but could be closed due to adverse conditions. The Rim Village Visitor Center and Crater Lake Lodge may have limited services in spring, so check in advance for the time you’ll be visiting. (Recommended by Dave & Jamie, Photo Jeepers)

Lodging and Tours Near Crater Lake National Park

Hood River
Hood River

Hood River in the Spring

Hood River is an underestimated town to visit in Oregon! Visiting Hood River in the spring is one of the best times to visit for fewer crowds and more nature to explore on your own.

Hood River is perfect for adventure lovers and also relaxation travelers. Adventure travelers will enjoy hiking at Hood National Forest. Check the National Park Service Website before visiting to confirm possible closures or safety conditions due to snow. 

A day trip to Fruit Loop, Hood River allows travelers to experience various farm stands through the winding mountains of Oregon- a magical experience! Stop along the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway to extend your visit on the way back. (Recommended by Alyssa, An Apple a Plane)

Places to Stay in Hood River, Oregon

Fire on the beach in Pacific City
Fire on the beach in Pacific City

Pacific City in the Spring

Pacific City, one of the most beautiful Oregon Coast towns, is a wonderful place to plan a beach getaway in the spring. 

One of the best reasons to visit Pacific City in the spring is to see the gray whale migration. Every March through May, thousands of gray whales migrate from the warm lagoons of Baja, Mexico to their feeding grounds in Alaska.

One of the best vantage points to look out for these whales are the sand dunes at Pacific City’s Cape Kiwanda—just get ready to hike up a 250 foot tall sand dune. From here, you’ll have an excellent chance of spotting the whales’ spouts and even flukes off in the distance. 

Don’t expect bikini weather—the average highs in the springtime hover in the upper 50s and there’s quite a bit of rain. Nevertheless, you should still have plenty of opportunities to take a leisurely stroll along Pacific City Beach and enjoy the spectacular views of its iconic sea stack, Haystack Rock, in the distance. And if you have particularly gloomy weather, you can have a campfire, right on its sand. (Recommended by Jess, Uprooted Traveler)

Places to Stay in Pacific City, Oregon

Portland Japanese Garden
Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden in the Spring

In Washington Park you’ll find one of the best places to add to your Portland bucket list to visit in the spring, the Portland Japanese Garden. This garden is full of treasures to discover, especially in the springtime.

The Portland Japanese Garden opened in 1967 and is one of the best Japanese gardens on the west coast. Spring is the best time to visit as all the flowers and trees are in bloom. You’ll find numerous cherry blossom and magnolia trees as well as a stunning arbor covered in wisteria.

There are 8 distinct types of Japanese gardens, one of which, the pond garden has a winding boardwalk. Others include a natural garden and a tea garden, which features an authentic Japanese tea house.

Highlights of the Portland Japanese Garden also include a waterfall, pagoda, and epic view of Mt. Hood. Plus, there’s a Cultural Village to explore that’s great for escaping the rain.

When planning a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden in the spring, be aware that opening times are reduced. The gardens are open Wednesday through Monday, 10am to 3:30pm and closed on Tuesdays. Also, to ensure your preferred entrance time, I recommend booking your ticket online before you go. (Recommended by Stephanie, The World As I See It)

Portland, Oregon Lodging & Tours

Clearwater Falls
Clearwater Falls

Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway in the Spring

If you’re a fan of waterfalls, we highly recommend exploring Oregon’s Waterfall Highway, the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway. Travel through the heart of Southern Oregon, where you’ll discover a delightful collection of cascading waterfalls along the way.

The waterfalls come alive in the spring as the snow in the surrounding peaks begins to melt and the rivers swell. Each waterfall along the byway offers a unique spectacle, a testament to the raw power and beautiful serenity of nature.

We definitely think the falls in this area should be on your US waterfalls bucket list! Some falls can be accessed with an easy walk from a parking lot like Watson Falls, Toketee Falls, and Clearwater Falls. Others require a bit of hiking like Lemolo Falls, Susan Creek Falls, Fall Creek Falls, and Wolf Creek Falls.

You’ll want rain gear and waterproof hiking boots for your spring visit. We also suggest using a rain cover or someone holding an umbrella if you plan to take waterfall photos! (Recommended by Dave & Jamie, Photo Jeepers)

Idyllwild Lodging

  • Umpqua’s Last Resort – Cabins, Glamping & RV Park along the North Umpqua River – we LOVED our stay here!
Natural Bridges
Natural Bridges

Samuel H. Boardman State Park in the Spring

Located on the rugged and remote Oregon coast, Samuel H. Boardman State Park is a hidden gem that offers breathtaking views for hikers and photographers!

Be on the lookout for the iconic Natural Bridges, a stunning formation of rock arches carved by the relentless waves. Stop by China Beach, a secluded spot perfect for a peaceful picnic surrounded by the raw power of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t miss the towering Sitka Spruce trees, some of the tallest and oldest in Oregon, standing as enduring sentinels of the coastal forests.

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll along the coast or an adrenaline-pumping hike to one of the park’s many viewpoints, there is something for every level of adventurer. (Recommended by Dave & Jamie, Photo Jeepers)

Places to Stay in Brookings, Oregon

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival
Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Woodburn Tulip Festival in the Spring

One of the top must-see places to visit in Oregon in the spring is the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, just outside of Woodburn. Each spring, these expansive flower fields just burst with color. 

While there, you can shop local vendors artisans, eat lunch, and even go wine tasting. And on weekends, view the fields from the heights of a hot air balloon! Then bring home some fresh cut tulips, or order your own bulbs to plant in the fall. 

Hint: The potted tulips make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! 

The festival typically runs from the middle or end of March through early May, dependent on the blooms. However, it’s best to check their website before planning your visit. The owners are great about giving daily field updates, so you can be sure to visit at peak bloom. 

When visiting Woodburn in the spring, be sure to plan for literally any kind of weather. Be sure to wear good shoes for walking around the Tulip Festival in the mud! (Recommended by Clarice, The Clever West Wind)

Places to Stay in Salem, Oregon

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