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Are you planning a Southwest USA road trip?

This list of road trip itineraries for visiting the American Southwest will come in handy!

And don’t forget to add those bucket-list things to do in the Southwest states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

There are national parks, state parks, scenic byways, roadside attractions and more to see and photograph on your American Southwest road trip.

We’ve collaborated with fellow travelers to provide this list of the best ideas to plan your Southwest USA road trip vacation.

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→ Tips for motorhome rentals for your road trip.

55 Southwest USA Road Trip Ideas. Things to see, do and photograph in the American Southwest. Visit national parks, state parks, roadside attractions, and more! #southwest #roadtrip #traveldestination #photojeepers

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BE PREPARED if you want your Southwest USA trip to be successful. Pack for the weather and altitude that you’ll likely encounter while exploring the various areas in the southwest.

1. Hiking Shoes:  Avoid injury from improper footwear.  Wear sturdy shoes with ample tread.  → Check out our hiking shoes!

2. Darn Tough Socks: Seriously, these are the BEST socks ever. They help prevent blisters, keep your feet dry, and last forever.  → Check out our favorite socks!

3. Water:  Due to the desert and high altitude climates you find in the American Southwest, you should drink at least one gallon of water per day, and always carry water with you during all hiking activities (water is available at the Visitor Center).  → Check out our hydration packs and hydroflask bottles we carry in our camera backpack.

4. Food:  Pack and eat plenty of healthy snacks and food. → Check out the healthy snacks and food we pack.

5. Lip Balm and Lotion:  Dry desert air and high elevations can be hard on your skin. You’ll want to carry lip balm with sunscreen and hydrating lotion to apply as needed when you’re out exploring.


Road Trip Basics to Pack

1. Car Emergecny Kit: You never know what car troubles you’ll have on a road trip, so be prepared with a car emergency kit. The kit should include automotive emergency items to help protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown.  → Check out this awesome traveler road kit!

2. First Aid Kit: You’ll also never know what first aid emergencies you’ll have on your road trip adventure. Have a well-stocked first aid kit to handle any personal injury that may occur.  → Check out this first aid kit.

3. Cooler:  We HAVE to share the best cooler around that’s perfect for road trips and can assume a vertical or horizontal position to accommodate your car. You can also get the AC Adapter to plug in your hotel room as a second fridge!  → Check out our fav Koolatron Coolers! 


National Parks Pass

If you’ll visit any US National Parks, be sure to pack your The America the Beautiful Annual Pass.


Other items to pack for a Southwest US road trip:

But above all else, always make sure to carry enough food, water, and other essentials since quite a bit of your driving through the Southwest USA will be through remote areas with few services and sources of water.

7 Southwest USA Road Trip Itinerary Ideas

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