55 Southwest USA Road Trip Ideas

Are you planning a Southwest USA road trip? This list of road trip itineraries for visiting the American Southwest will come in handy!

There are so many US Southwest vacation ideas that include national parks, state parks, scenic byways, roadside attractions and more to see and photograph!

55 southwest usa road trip ideas

We’ve collaborated with fellow travelers to provide this list of the best ideas to plan your US Southwest road trip vacation.

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Southwest USA Road Trip Ideas

Things to Do in Arizona

Things to Do in California

Things to Do in New Mexico

Things to Do in Texas

Things to Do in Utah

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  1. Definitely bookmarking this post. We’re hoping to do an epic road trip through Arizona and Utah later this year. These articles and itineraries are really helpful. I’m already zigging and zagging our route. Thank you for including our dog-friendly trip idea to a SW winery. Bernie and Lizzie send Doodle kisses.

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