Best Summer Hikes at US National Parks

We’ve asked fellow hikers for the best summer hikes at US national parks. Hiking is a top activity when people ask us for US National Park vacation ideas.

There are many hikes that can only be done in the summer months when the trails are free of snow!

And there are others that should only be done in the cooler times of day like morning or evening.

summer hiking trails at US National Parks

Keep reading for our tips about hiking gear and trails in the National Parks you can explore in the summer.

Check out this list of 60+ Best Hiking Trails in the US for even more adventure!

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Summer Hiking at US National Parks

During the summer you can find all types of hiking trails in the US National Parks. In the northern parks the higher elevation trails are finally free of snow! In the southwest you’ll need to watch out for the summer monsoons, especially in slot canyons! And humidity makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors in the midwest, eastern and southern states.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to hike at other times of the year, check out our guide for finding the best National Parks to visit by month. During each season and month of the year, national parks will have different hiking (and snowshoeing) opportunities!

Best Summer Hikes at US National Parks

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