Travel Journal Ideas, Resources and Tips

Travel memory books can mean something different for everyone.

Some people enjoy writing about their experiences in a travel journal. A blank page doesn’t intimidate them and the words flow freely to write on the pages.

Others like to use travel journal books with ready-made prompts so they fill in the dates, location, and list of things they did.

And there are other ways to document vacation memories like drawings, photos, and memorabilia items like tickets, brochures, and postcards.

The awesome thing about creating a travel journal is there are no set rules. You can document your vacation any way you want!

The hard part may be finding what works best for you. So we’ve compiled a resource of travel journal ideas so you can find the one that will inspire you to document your travels!

• Types of travel journals

• Why you need a travel journal

• Things to include in a travel journal

• What to write in a travel journal

• How to make a travel journal

• Travel journal templates and printables

• Road trip journals and printables

• Kids travel journal kits, templates and printables

Travel journal ideas to record travel memories, travel photos and travel keepsakes. #travel #journal #memories #keepsakes #photojeepers

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Memory Books With Blank Pages

Blank pages are awesome for people who like to combine words and drawings to document the things they do while traveling. If you like to keep memorabilia like tickets, maps, brochures and postcards, then a travel journal with blank pages is ideal.

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Memory Books With Lined Pages

Lined pages in a travel journal help keep everything straight and organized. But there is no rule that says you can’t doodle or adhere travel keepsakes to a lined page.

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Books With Prompts

If you enjoy filling in pages with prompts, then these types of travel journals are best. There are a variety of prompt styles found in travel memory books. The fun part will be finding the one that appeals to you!

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Bucket List Memory Books

If you have a bucket list for travel, there are fun books where you can write down your ideas then document you’ve accomplished.

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Adventure Themed Memory Books

If you enjoy the outdoors, then an adventure themed journal is a cool way to document the things you do. There are camping journals, nature journals, hiking journals and more!

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Memory Books for Kids

Travel memory books for kids usually include guided prompts to record the trip. Some also have fun activities like fill-in the blanks and crosswords for endless entertainment.

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Use this awesome list of resources to inspire you to document your travels with a memory book.

Why You Need a Travel Journal


A travel journal is also a great thing to do with your family to help remember your vacations together as you grow older.

Things to Include in Your Travel Journal


If you are thinking of starting a travel journal, but wonder what things to include, here’s a list of essentials that will set you up for success when it comes to travel journaling.

Travel Journal Ideas: Start Decorating and Documenting!


Here are some travel journal ideas to help document your travels along the way. When you return home you can share all the captivating things you did, or have a keepsake to look back on later on in life.

Putting Together A Vacation Journal (plus a free printable)


As you’re planning and picking out your travel destinations, be sure to write all your travels in a journal. Kids can use the Vacation Journal free printable.

Travel Binder: Travel Journal


Preserve the memories of your vacation by keeping a travel journal. With this free travel journal printable, you can record your daily musings of your trip.

The Travel Tracker: I Haven’t Been Everywhere, but It’s On My List with Natascha Kranenburg


Keep track of the places you travel. It keeps the good memories alive and it’s fun to relive the beautiful moments. Use the bullet journal Travel Tracker described here. 

The Ultimate Collection of Travel Journal Templates for Any Type of Trip


Kid’s Travel Journals Templates all in one place so you can easily find exactly what you need.

Printable Bucket List Journal – Create your bucket list & record your journey!


A great way to get started with your bucket list is a creative & printable bucket list journal – write down your 50 bucket list items and then record the memory in this journal as you accomplish these adventures!

Road Trip Memories Printable


Use a road trip memories printable for kids can keep track of all those little details on future trips!

Make your own Road Trip Journal


Steps for creating a DIY road trip journal perfect for adults and kids to jot down their memories and keep photos of vacations.

Keep it Memorable with a Summer Travel Journal


It doesn’t matter if you are traveling the world or just exploring your own hometown. Keep those memories forever with an easy homemade Summer Travel Journal.

DIY Kid’s Travel Journal Kit


A kid’s travel journal kit has all the essentials and can be thrown in a backpack for a day trip or bike ride, you name it! Here is everything you need to get started.

Travel Journal for Kids – Free 28-page Printable Packet


Looking for fun activities, travel games, and journaling pages for traveling with kids? This free 28-page travel journal for kids will be a great addition to your next trip!

DIY Travel Journal for Kids Printable


Keep kids learning on the road with this DIY travel journal. Develop writing and enhance travels by encouraging kids to remember details of their experiences.

FREE Printable Family Travel Planner


Use our travel planning checklists for your next family vacation. Jot down important items and details so you don’t forget anything important!

Family Travel Planner With Checklist

Photo Credit:

A good family travel planner will help you stay on track. If you want to plan the perfect vacation, you’re going to love this free travel planner.


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Travel journal ideas and resources: What is a travel journal? What do you write in a travel journal? Travel journal printable and templates. #travel #journal #scrapbook #memorybook #keepsakes #photojeepers
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