Winter Road Trip Supplies You Need to Pack

When it comes to hitting the road during the winter months, the cold weather brings unique challenges that call for a well-stocked kit of winter road trip supplies.

A successful road trip takes planning and organization. Be sure you have a road trip supplies checklist that includes all the items you need to pack to make the vacation a success.

list of winter road trip supplies

Having the right gear on board can make the difference between a thrilling winter adventure and a chilling roadside ordeal. It’s all about being prepared

During the winter, many of us take holiday road trips with kids. The travel time is more enjoyable for the entire family when the kids have everything they need to entertain and take care of themselves.

Be sure to grab the Road Trip Packing List that includes items for comfort, organization, eating, and first aid to make the family vacation a success. You’ll also receive a Road Trip Itinerary to plan the day-to-day schedule of the trip! Click on the graphic below to get your free copy!

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How to Prepare for a Winter Road Trip

Any successful road trip take planning and organization. But winter road trips have the additional factor of unpredictable or bad weather. Here are some tips specifically for a road trip in the winter.

Service Your Car for Winter Travel

Make sure the car is prepared for winter travel for all types of weather:

  • Wiper blades
  • Tire air pressure
  • Car battery
  • Headlights and tailights
  • Fluid levels

We recommend you keep the gas tank level near full as often as you can when driving in the winter.

Roadside Assistance

Do you have roadside assistance like AAA to call if you experience car problems? A roadside service provides peace of mind if you get stranded.

Watch the Weather

Always check the forecast to know the expected weather for the route you’ll travel to your destination. You can adjust the route, or avoid driving, if the weather conditions are bad or even too dangerous for driving!

Be Flexible

Patience is required for winter road trip travel. You could experience delays due to road closures or bad weather. During the winter, it’s important to note any lodging reservations that require check-in during certain hours. Some late check-ins could mean extra fees. If possible, make reservations that are cancellable so you can change plans if needed due to travel delays.

Warm Winter Clothing

Be sure you can access the warm winter clothing you might need to use to stay warm “just in case”.

  • Insulated jacket
  • Fleece jacket
  • Winter hat
  • Winter gloves
  • Winter scarf
  • Waterproof boots
car on a snowy road on a winter road trip
Winter road trip

Winter Road Trip Supplies to Pack

Road trips in the winter require a bit more planning for “what if” situations. You never know if you’ll be sitting in traffic or on the side of the road with car troubles.

Before you head out on a winter road trip in the USA, check out this list of must-have winter road trip items to pack for your next adventure!


Winter Road Trip Accessories

Here’s a list of road trip accessories needed for safety or in case of emergencies:

Check out these road trip accessories for kids specifically for family travel:

car organizer for back seat

Road Trip Accessories to Stay Organized

Road trip car organization is so important, especially when traveling with kids!

Koolatron cooler

Road Trip Coolers

Having the right road trip coolers will make all the difference!

Bento lunch boxes

Road Trip Food Containers

road trip snacks and food

Road Trip Snacks and Food

Check out these snack and food ideas that are perfect to take on a road trip!

rubber duckie squeeze toys

Road Trip Toys and Activities

Here’s a list of fun ways to keep the kids busy on a family road trip:

CLICK the graphic below to get the free Road Trip Activity Sheets!

Road Trip Activity Sheets

40+ winter road trip supplies

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