Zion National Park Packing List for Summer and Winter

If you’re planning a trip to Zion National Park, you’ll need to know what to pack. Here’s our Zion National Park Packing List for summer and winter so you’re prepared no matter when you go!

You’ll also want to use our Zion National Park travel guide that includes other helpful tips and resources to plan your trip.

Zion National Park packing lists

The climate and altitude in southern Utah can be harsh if you’re not prepared with the right clothing, hydration, food, personal items and hiking gear.

Keep reading to see the full list of items to pack. You can download the checklist below!

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A Photo Tour of Zion National Park

Take a visual tour through Zion National Park to see the stunning landscapes you’ll see when you visit!

Packing For a Trip to Zion National Park

Season and weather are important to consider when packing for your Zion National Park trip. Weather can be unpredictable any time of year, so be sure to check the forecast and pack accordingly!

Spring Weather at Zion National Park

Springtime at Zion varies quite a bit from month to month. When visiting Zion National Park in the spring, it’s important to pack for all types of weather because you never know when the weather will change.

Summer Weather at Zion National Park

At Zion National Park in the summer the temperatures will be HOT HOT HOT! Since the temperatures are brutal this time of year, plan your outdoor activities for the cooler mornings and evenings!

Fall Weather at Zion National Park

The weather at Zion National Park in the fall starts to cool down making it a great time to explore the park because it will be cooler in the mornings and evenings, and the daytime temperatures aren’t too hot compared to the summer.

Winter Weather at Zion National Park

The temperatures really drop at Zion National Park in the winter so it’s the least busy season. We don’t mind the colder weather for enjoying outdoor activities, which makes the winter the best time for us to visit to escape the crowds!

BUT the cold winter weather may not be for everyone.

Zion National Park Packing List

The US National Parks Pass is a good deal and should be the first thing you pack! The America the Beautiful Annual Pass costs $80 and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. For the most current information on passes, reference the National Park Service website.

The pass allows two signatures so it can be shared, and the two people don’t have to be related. You will need to show photo ID each time you use the pass.

Order passes online or get them at any of these Federal Recreation Areas. We like to BUY THE PASS AT REI because we can get it right away… and they will donate 10% of sales to the National Park Foundation.

Hiking Gear for Zion National Park

Wear sturdy hiking shoes when Visiting Zion National Park because sneakers and sandals aren’t the best when walking along the trails in the park.

Clothing to Wear at Zion National Park

Wicking clothing is important because it pulls moisture (sweat) away from you and moves it to the fabric’s outer surface, where it can dry quickly.

This type of clothing is best year-round. It lets you break a sweat without feeling clammy or chilled, and it’s perfect for the desert climate at Zion.

It’s all about the LAYERS when doing outdoor activity.

Daypack Items to Pack for Zion National Park

Hydration is KEY at Zion National Park due to the climate and altitude in southern Utah.

READ: Hydration Basics by REI

Other Items to Pack for Zion

Camera Equipment to Pack for Zion Photography

For taking pictures at Zion, be sure you have all the camera gear necessary to capture the stunning landscape!

Grab our Zion National Park Photography Guide with tips and best times to take pictures at each point of interest!

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Zion national park guides and maps

Plan Your Vacation To Zion National Park

Where to Stay Near Zion National Park

You definitely want to stay in Springdale which borders the entrance to Zion.

take jaw-dropping photos at Zion National Park

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