Camping BINGO Printable Game For Kids

This camping BINGO printable game will keep kids busy at the campsite, on the road and even at home.

Bingo cards make fun travel games and can be used in a variety of way while traveling.

camping bingo card

Below we list all the fun ways to use these camping bingo cards, and the supplies you’ll need to take with you on your next trip!

Camping Bingo Game Includes:

You’ll receive the Camping Bingo Game as an instant downloadable file:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ PDF file
  • 10 Bingo cards
  • 3 pages of calling cards

This file is suitable for printing on your preferred paper or cardstock.

*These items are for personal enjoyment and not for resale.

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Fun ways to use the Camping Bingo Game:

It’s great when there are many ways to use a printable activity.

Here are a few fun ideas to use the Camping Bingo Game with the kids.

1. Laminate and Use an Erasable Marker

Use self-adhesive laminating sheets to cover the bingo cards so they can be used over and over again.

When you’re traveling it’s handy to use a clipboard with storage to hold the erasable marker and eraser.

Or you could use this handy cord to attach the marker to the clipboard.

2. Use as a Scavenger Hunt or I Spy Game

The Bingo cards remain the same, but it becomes a whole new experience to find and cross off the subjects on the cards to get a Bingo!

3. Use as a Photography Hunt

Extend the use of the Bingo cards when the goal is to find and photograph the items. Kids can use a camera, phone or tablet.

CLICK to DOWNLOAD the Camping Bingo game!

Camping Bingo free download

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