Places to Stay Near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks

There are all types places to stay near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks: lodges, hotels, campgrounds, glamping, vacation rentals, and more!

Use this Zion National Park travel guide to find the best lodging option for your budget and travel style.

Places to stay near Zion and Bryce Canyon

We live just hours away from Zion and Bryce Canyon and have visited both parks often. The accommodations we share here are based on our experiences staying at a variety of places near these two parks!

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A Photo Tour of Zion National Park

Take a visual tour through Zion National Park to see the stunning landscapes you’ll see when you visit!

Places to Stay Near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks

The distance between Zion and Bryce Canyon is 72.4 miles. The drive takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

There are really three options to choose for your trip to visit both Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks:

  • Stay in either of the parks and “commute” to see the other park.
  • Stay in one park then travel and stay in the other park.
  • Stay in one of the towns between the two parks.

You’ll need to decide what’s best for you based on the Utah National Park road trip itinerary you’ve created.

Below we’ll list options for staying at Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the towns located between the two parks:

cabin at Zion Canyon Lodge
Cabin at Zion Canyon Lodge

Places to Stay Near Zion National Park

Here’s a list of all the Zion National Park Lodging options inside and near the park.

Zion Canyon Lodge

The Zion Lodge is located three miles north along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. It has motel rooms, cabins, and suites as well as a gift shop and post office. However, rooms do fill up quickly so reservations are highly recommended.

Zion Campgrounds

There are three campgrounds for tent or RV camping in Zion National Park. Watchman Campground is located in Zion Canyon and open year-round. South Campground is closed in the winter. Lava Point Campground is located in the Kolob Terrace area of the park about 1 hour away and it’s also closed in the winter. Reservations at Watchman Campground are recommended to guarantee a spot!

Hotels in Springdale Near Zion

The town of Springdale, Utah borders the park. You can park at the hotel for free and take the free shuttles around town. During the busy season it may be hard to find parking in the town, and you have to pay for that parking. Here’s a list of hotels near Zion National Park in Springdale that we recommend:

Lodging Options Near Zion National Park

If you want a more unique lodging experience, we recommend looking at vacation rentals, glamping tents and covered wagons, and cabins!

Bryce Country cabins
Bryce Country cabins

Places to Stay Near Bryce Canyon

Here’s a list of all the Bryce Canyon National Park lodging options inside and near the park.

Keep in mind if you’re looking for Bryce Canyon winter lodging, the options are more limited.

The Lodge at Bryce Canyon

The Bryce Canyon Lodge is the only hotel-type accommodate inside of the National Park. You can book a sunrise or sunset lodge room, studio rooms, a guest suite, or cabin. Staying at the Lodge is truly a rustic experience. There are no TV’s, air conditioning or Wi-Fi, making it the perfect location for those who want to unplug, unwind, and experience the serenity of Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park Camping 

There are two campgrounds for Bryce Canyon National Park camping: the North and Sunset campgrounds. You’ll find tent and RV camping at both campgrounds. North Campground requires reservations through from May 27 to October 1. From October 2 to May 26 all sites are first-come, first-served. Sunset Campground is open April 15 to October 31 with all sites being first-come, first-served.

Hotels Near Bryce Canyon

The best location to stay is right outside the park in Bryce Canyon City. You’ll find two terrific hotel options:

We also like to stay in the smaller towns of Tropic or Cannonville about 15 minutes from the park:

Lodging Options Near Bryce Canyon

You’ll also find hotels in Panguitch, but the drive to the park is about 30 minutes. We feel there are plenty of options in Bryce Canyon City and Tropic that are closer than that! Here are more options for staying near Bryce Canyon:

Places to Stay BETWEEN Zion and Bryce Canyon

There are a few small towns between the two parks: Mount Carmel (near the East Entrance to Zion National Park), Orderville, Glendale and Hatch. You’ll find hotels, cabins, vacation rentals, RV parks and campgrounds:


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