Capitol Reef National Park Packing Lists

When it’s time to start packing for your trip, use our Capitol Reef National Park Packing Lists for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Be sure to use our Capitol Reef National Park guide to help you plan your packing based on the activities you’ll do.

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The lists are fairly comprehensive and you may not need every item depending on your type of travel or the things you will do. Make modifications to the Capitol Reef packing checklists as needed.

Download the spring, summer, fall and winter packing lists for Capitol Reef for free below!

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A Photo Tour of Capitol Reef National Park

Take a visual tour through Capitol Reef National Park to see the stunning landscape and wildlife you’ll find in the park!

Packing For a Trip to Capitol Reef

Time of year, weather, and the things to do in Capitol Reef National Park are important to consider when packing for your trip. Weather in the Capitol Reef area can be unpredictable any time of year, so be sure to check the forecast and pack accordingly!

Capitol Reef National Park is a dry, semi-arid and desert climate in Utah. It’s one of the driest states in the country with one of the lowest relative humidity percentages. Your skin will feel it so be sure to pack hand lotion and lip protection with sunscreen!

If you’re wondering when the best time to visit Capitol Reef National Park is, here’s what to expect each season.

Capitol Reef in the Spring

Capitol Reef National Park in the spring means warmer days with cool nighttime temperatures.

Be prepared for an occasional rainstorm, and maybe even snow! We recommend layers: fleece jacketwinter hat and winter gloves, especially for the morning and evening.

Spring Temperatures:

  • March highs 58 / lows 34
  • April highs 65 / lows 39
  • May highs 74 / lows 48

Capitol Reef in the Summer

Capitol Reef National Park in the Summer means hot days with intense sun! Remember to beat the heat with refillable water bottles and electrolytes (we love these Propel powder packets), rest and shade when exploring the outdoors. We recommend sunscreensunhat and UV protective clothing for outdoor activities in the summer!

Summer Temperatures:

  • June highs 87 / lows 58
  • July highs 91 / lows 65
  • August highs 88 / lows 63
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Capitol Reef in the Fall

Capitol Reef National Park in the fall the temperatures are starting to cool off in the fall months which makes is perfect for outdoor activities! We recommend a fleece jacket (always a good staple to have), good hiking shoes and carry water bottles so you’ll drink plenty of water!

Fall Temperatures:

  • September highs 80 / lows 55
  • October highs 66 / lows 43
  • November highs 51 / lows 31

Capitol Reef in the Winter

Capitol Reef National Park in the winter be prepared with winter clothing: waterproof layers and shoes.

Before heading out to explore the park, check with the visitor center for updated conditions. During the winter hiking trails may close, or may require traction devices due to ice.

  • December highs 40 / lows 21
  • January highs 41 / lows 20
  • February highs 47 / lows 26

Capitol Reef National Park Packing List

The America the Beautiful Annual Pass

Be sure to pack the US National Park Pass – it’s a good deal! Especially if you’ll be visiting any other Utah National Parks on your trip.

The annual pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Check the National Park Service website for the most current pricing information.

One of the cool features of the national parks pass is it allows two signatures so the pass can be shared. The two people don’t have to be related either. You will need to show photo ID each time you use the pass.

We like to buy the National Park pass at REI – they donate 10% of sale proceeds to the National Park Foundation which is cool! You can also get them at any of these Federal Recreation Areas.

Daypack Items for Outdoor Activities at Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef Hiking Gear

Clothing for Spring, Summer and Fall at Capitol Reef

You’ll want to wear wicking clothing so it pulls moisture (sweat) away from you and moves it to the fabric’s outer surface, where it can dry quickly. Wicking clothing allows you to sweat without feeling clammy or chilled.

Clothing For Winter at Capitol Reef

→ Winter Clothing Guide for Outdoor Adventure and Photography

Other Important Gear to Pack for Capitol Reef

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