Gift Guide for Vloggers: Equipment Every Vlogger Needs

Check out our gift guide for vloggers because having the right gear for vlogging is so important!

Our travel photography gear list and the resources below include: where to buy vlogging equipment, vlogging cameras, video microphones, ring lights and more!

gift guide for vloggers

Where Should I Buy Vlogging Equipment?

We get asked this question often. There are two places where we buy our cameras, lenses and other accessories: Amazon and B&H Photo.

B&H Photo is our go-to company for buying the high quality cameras, tripods and lenses. They are a reputable company that’s been in business for over 45 years. Their customer service and knowledge about photography equipment gives us peace of mind when spending money on higher ticket items.

→ Check out Vlogging Gear at B&H Photo

Amazon is where we buy most of our camera accessories like filters, memory cards, etc. The free two-day shipping is always a plus. We have bought cameras, lenses and tripods from Amazon with no problem as well. They are good about returns, but won’t be able to answer gear-specific questions.

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Gift Guide for Vloggers

Are you looking for the best gear to get started with vlogging or a YouTube career? Or are you searching for that perfect gift to give a vlogger?

The popularity of vlogging is increasing among all age groups across the globe.

So many people are striving to make their careers in the digital world, and choosing a gift for video content creators is a tough task.

Having the right gear for vlogging is important. We have searched and put together this vlogging gift guide to make it easy for you!

Vlogging Camera Gift Ideas

If your friends or loved ones are using the iPhone or any other mobile to record the videos, then a dedicated high-quality camera can make a huge difference.

Below are the three best vlogging cameras we recommend:

Canon EOS Rebel T7

Terrific starter camera for vlogging

Canon EOS Rebel T7

The Canon EOS Rebel T7 is a great starter camera as the video quality is quite good. It has the perfect balance of automatic settings with manual controls makes it among the top choices.

It is well know as a DSLR camera so the receiver might already know how to use it.

However, if the vlogger decides to upgrade to another Canon camera, they can use the same lenses.

TIP: If you are scavenging for a much cheaper option, then older models of Rebel can be a great choice.

Canon 80D 

A vlogging camera that adapts to your skill level

Canon 80D camera for vlogging

The Canon 80D is a versatile workhorse DSLR, so it has the ability to grow with the vlogger by changing lenses over time.

If the vlogger is meticulous about aesthetics and overall setup, then go for this camera without giving a second thought.

Sony RX100

Awesome compact vlogging camera

Sony RX100

For the vloggers who record videos on the go, the Sony RX100 compact camera is a great choice.

The automatic settings make it easy to record videos without any hassle.

They won’t need to worry about lenses, lighting, and trying to figure out the best manual settings.

Vlogging Video Microphones

There is a well-known adage in film making that the viewer can keep on watching a video with visuals only, but can’t keep listening to a video that sounds bad.

Audio is a crucial component of vlogging and a great microphone can make a huge difference.

Be mindful of the fact that you can’t go wrong while choosing a Rode mic.

For closeup shots, you can count on the shotgun mic. If the person likes to shot film the videos from a distance, a lac mic can work great.

Phone Mic for Vlogging

directional mic for smartphones

Phone mics are best for the vloggers who like to shoot videos with the smartphone.

There are two types of mics for mobiles: a clip on mic and a directional mic.

Shotgun Mic for Vlogging

Rode videomic pro with lyre

A shotgun mic is considered the standard vlogging mic with excellent audio qualities.

If you are not tight on budget, then the Rode VideoMic Pro Rycote Lyre is the best option.

But for low-budget options, Rode VideoMic Go is a great starter mic.

Wireless Lav Mic for Vlogging

Rode filmmaker wireless lav mic

The best option in lav mics, RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker is the one you can count on.

You can also use the discreet mounting system “stickies” that are nice to attach to the skin or hide the mic piece on clothing.

Vlogging Ring Lights

Neewer ring light

Proper lighting is essential to look great on camera, and if the vlogger doesn’t have a special light, you can get them the ring light that fits your budget.

It can be a game-changer for the vloggers who are working with general household lights.

The Neewer Ring Light is a budget-friendly option and you can also get a full bundle kit. This is a scalable light that can adapt to a variety of situations as it can dim down and brighten up nicely.

Tripods for Vlogging

For travel vloggers it’s important to find a small lightweight travel tripod that’s compact and easy to travel with.

We LOVE the Peak Design carbon fiber travel tripod because it’s the most portable and packable travel tripod on the market.

Check out our video below for a full review!

How To Vlog Courses

Giving the gift of knowledge is always well-received. Here are some top vlogging courses found at Udemy:

It’s important to know the needs of the vlogger for whom you are planning to buy the gift and choose a high-quality product accordingly.

Above are a few common gift ideas for vloggers, but there are so many choices and variables to this type of gift.

We have listed pretty “safe” gift options that can add value to the lives of the vlogger without breaking your bank.

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