Visiting Grand Teton in February

A trip to Grand Teton in February is a fun time to visit if you like winter activities.

Use this Grand Teton National Park guide to learn all about a trip in February: services available, what to pack, where to stay, things to do, and more!

Grand Teton National Park in February

The winter months are a unique time for visiting Grand Teton National Park. In February all services and most of the roads in the park are closed to vehicles.

You’ll find fun winter activities to do at Grand Teton so keep reading!

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A Photo Tour of Grand Teton National Park

Take a visual tour through Grand Teton National Park to see the stunning landscape and wildlife you’ll find in the park!

Visiting Grand Teton in February

There are a lot of things to do when visiting Grand Teton National Park. Each season will have different activities and services available.

In February, it’s all about winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing!

Use our guide to find other times of year to visit if you want to do summer activities like hiking and kayaking: best time to visit Grand Teton National Park.

Services at Grand Teton in February

Grand Teton is open 24 hours, every day of the year. In February, most of the park roads and services are closed. Check the Grand Teton website for more information.

Campgrounds and lodges are closed so you’ll need to stay in nearby Jackson.

grand teton national park in the winter with snow
Grand Teton national park in the winter with snow

February Weather at Grand Teton

When you visit Grand Teton in February you can expect very cold temperatures. Daytime highs are near 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the lows are near 0! 

It is really important that you dress in layers and bring your winter clothing.

Snow storms can roll through at any time. Always check the current weather and road conditions on the Grand Teton website.

Pets at Grand Teton in February

Pets are allowed on plowed roadways and parking area. You can also take your pet on the unplowed sections of the Teton Park and Moose-Wilson roads.

Pets must be on a leash of six feet or less, and within 30 feet of a roadway. Please dispose of your pet’s waste properly. There are waste disposal cans at the trailheads.

Teton Park Road in February

Enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and walking along the Teton Park Road from Taggart Lake Trailhead to the Signal Mountain Lodge.

The road is closed to vehicles and bikes in February since it’s snow covered.

Check out the map below showing groomed trails, skier tracked trails and wildlife closer areas.

Things to Do at Grand Teton National Park in February

There are so many fun things to do in Grand Teton National Park any time of year. If you enjoy winter activities, then check out this list of things to do at Grand Teton in February!

You’ll find many Grand Teton National Park winter tours available for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, and photography!

elk refuge near Grand Teton in the winter
Elk refuge near Grand Teton in the winter

Wildlife at Grand Teton in February

At Grand Teton National Park in the winter it’s easier to see wildlife as they contrast against the white snow.

You’ll see many elk at the Elk Refuge between the park and the town of Jackson. You can take a sleigh ride tour to see the elk up close!

If you’re lucky you may see eagles, coyotes, foxes, bison, deer, wolves, trumpeter swans and more on the tour…

as well as on the roads or trails that are open in the park.

winter at grand teton national park
Winter at Grand Teton national park

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing in February

The most popular activity in February is cross-country and snowshoeing. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy nature in a quiet setting.

There are etiquette aspects to keep in mind:

  • Do not walk or snowshoe on ski trails
  • Leave your skis on and side-step down or detour around steep sections
  • Snowshoe parallel to the ski track
  • Yield to faster skiers
  • Step out of the track for a break
Snake River Overlook in the Winter
Snake River Overlook in the winter

Grand Teton Photography in February

The winter landscape at Grand Teton is amazing! The jagged peaks of the snow-capped mountains are a photographer’s dream!

Accessing the best places to photograph Grand Teton National Park in February is difficult. Many of these locations look vastly different when the water is frozen and snow-covered.

Be ready with your WINTER camera gear to capture images the landscape and wildlife as you drive along the road, or ski along the trails.

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Plan a Grand Teton National Park Vacation

Grand Teton maps and guides

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Where to Stay in Jackson Near Grand Teton

Here’s a list of our favorite places to stay:

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