Visiting Goblin Valley State Park in Utah

Goblin Valley is a must-see Utah State Park where you can hike through mushroom-shaped pillars that look like stone “goblins”! When visiting Goblin Valley State Park you can enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and other activities in the area.

Located in the San Rafael Swell, this park offers visitors breathtaking views of red rock formations that have been naturally sculpted by wind and water over time.

things to do at Goblin Valley State Park

We live just hours away so we’ve had the experience of photographing this area during every season and all types of weather and light conditions. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend getaway, this hidden gem of Utah’s red rock country is sure to impress.

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Visiting Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park should be on your list of places to visit in Utah! Here’s our list of things to know to help you plan your trip!

Where in Utah is Goblin Valley?

Goblin Valley is located between the towns of Green River (near I-70) and Hanksville, Utah. You can put these coordinates into your GPS to find it with ease – 38°34′00″N 110°42′36″W

From I-70, exit onto Highway 24 and drive south for approximately 24 miles to the signed park turnoff. From the Hwy 24 turnoff, follow the paved road for about 12 miles to park.

Goblin Valley Map

Here’s a good overview Goblin Valley State Park map. One section shows where the park is located between Green River and Hanksville.

The other section lets you see the trails and valleys in the park you can explore.

How far is Goblin Valley from Moab?

Goblin Valley is a must-stop as you travel to or from Moab, UT. It’s 63 miles from Moab to Goblin Valley and takes about 1.5 hours to drive.

How far is Goblin Valley from Capitol Reef National Park?

The drive from Capitol Reef National Park to Goblin Valley is about 60 miles and takes about 1 hour to make the drive.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Goblin Valley?

These rates are day use and valid for 2 days.

$15 per vehicle
$10 per vehicle with a Utah senior 62+
$75 annual pass is available at the park
$35 Senior Adventure (annual) Pass

All prices are subject to change so we always recommend you check the Goblin Valley state park website for the most current information.

When is Goblin Valley open?

The park hours are 6 am to 10 pm every day. Always check the park website for current information.

Keep in mind the spring and fall can get VERY BUSY! Due to limited parking during high visitation times, there may be delays of several hours to enter the park.

We recommend you visit Goblin Valley on week days during the busy season, or plan your trip during the off season like winter! 

Goblin Valley unique rocks shaped by weather
Goblin Valley unique rocks shaped by weather

Goblin Valley Weather

Goblin Valley is a desert environment so weather is an important factor when visiting. Summer days will be HOT so plan to explore the park during the early morning and late evening hours. Spring and fall are the most ideal times to visit Goblin Valley due to the moderate temperatures.

Winter is our favorite, and least crowded, time to visit because the the daytime temperatures are perfect for hiking with a jacket. Keep in mind that winter nights can be very cold (often near 0 F).

Wondering what to bring on a hike? We always recommend layers because no matter what time of year, the mornings and evenings are always cool to cold in the desert!

Camping near Goblin Valley
Camping near Goblin Valley

Lodging Near Goblin Valley

If you like to camp, the campgrounds and Yurts at Goblin Valley are awesome. See below for more detailed camping information.

There are also nearby campgrounds in Green River and Hanksville (like Duke’s Slickrock Campground & RV Park).

If you are traveling by RV you can also check out some boondocking spots like Goblin Valley Overlook Dispersed Camping.

Camping at Goblin Valley

Camping at Goblin Valley is so fun! The campground at Goblin Valley is open year round. There are 25 site with amenities include showers, restroom facilities, and RV fill-up stations (in the summer only).

There is a per night camping charge which includes the park entry fee.

There are 2 yurts for glamping at Goblin Valley, and they are very popular! Be sure to make Goblin Valley camping reservations in advance!

Trail into Goblin Valley
Trail down into Goblin Valley

Hikes at Goblin Valley

When you visit an amazing park like Goblin Valley, hiking is usually what draws you there. Strap on your hiking shoes, your backpack, your camera and head out on some of these trails.

Easy Hikes at Goblin Valley

The Goblin’s Lair (Chamber of the Basilisk)  – 2.4 miles and perfect for all skill levels and also dog friendly.

Valley of the Goblins –  Just under 1 mile and labeled easy and also dog friendly.

Three Sisters – A bit over a 1 mile hike and dog friendly.

Dark Side of the Moon Loop –  4.2 miles and good for all levels of hikers.

Curtis Bench Trail – Just under a 2 mile hike that’s great for all levels of hikers and dog friendly. 

Entrada Trail – 1.8 miles for all levels of hikers. Great for dogs as well. 

Desert View Trail Loop – Just over a 4 mile trail for hiking and mountain biking.

Buffalo Head Trail Loop – Perfect beginner trail a little over 3 miles long. 

Lizard Foot Trail – 2.2 miles of trail for all levels and mountain bikes. This trail is the main trail access to get to the 7 miles of awesome trails in the Wild Horse Trail system that is within the Goblin Valley State Park. 

Landslide Trail Loop – Great for all hiking levels and for mountain bikes. A nice trail that is just over 3 miles long. 

Hiking at Goblin Valley
Hiking at Goblin Valley

Moderate Hikes at Goblin Valley

Carmel Canyon Trail – A 1.1 mile moderate hike that is also pet friendly.

Goblin Valley Trail –  Approximately 3.5 mile moderate hike that gets your heart pumping!

Molly’s Castle Spur Trail – A moderate 2.6 mile hike that is perfect for a lover of wildflowers in the spring and birds.

Valley of the Goblin’s – Curtis Bench Connector – Lightly traveled moderate out and back hike just over 2 miles long. Dogs allowed on this trail as well.

Photographer at Goblin Valley
Photographer at Goblin Valley

Photographing Goblin Valley

Here are five tips we have to take pictures of Goblin Valley State Park:

1 – Avoid shooting at mid-day. The light at sunrise and sunset is best for taking pictures.

2 – A polarizing filter can help bring the colors out of the landscape and cut the sun glare.

3 – A sturdy tripod is a must for tack-sharp images.

4 – Add a person into the frame to add interest and show scale.

5 – Avoid lens flare by standing in the shade or shield the sun from the lens if you can.

Goblin Valley State Park in Utah
Goblin Valley at golden hour

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Things to Do Near Goblin Valley State Park

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