Visiting Grand Teton in November

Wondering what it’s like to visit Grand Teton in November? Use our Grand Teton National Park guide and this article to learn all about a trip in November: services available, what to pack, where to stay, things to do, and more!

Grand Teton National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming. In November you can enjoy more than 310,000 acres of stunning mountains, fall foliage, and crystal clear lakes.

grand teton national park in november

In November all services and most of the roads are closed to vehicles. But that means you can experience the park in a completely different way and avoid the busy season crowds!

We live only a few hours away from Grand Teton so we’ve had the opportunity to visit many times. The tips we share are based on our experiences visiting the area throughout the years, and specifically for the month of November!

Use our Grand Teton National Park packing list to make sure you have the right clothing and gear for visiting in November! Grab your free printable packing checklist by clicking the image below!

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A Photo Tour of Grand Teton National Park

Take a visual tour through Grand Teton National Park to see the stunning landscape and wildlife you’ll find in the park!

Visiting Grand Teton in November

There are so many fun things to do when visiting Grand Teton National Park. You’ll find different activities and services available during each season and month of the year.

In November, many roads and services are closed which limits the activities you can do at the park.

Use our guide to find information about the best time to visit Grand Teton National Park.

Services in November at Grand Teton

Grand Teton is open 24 hours, every day of the year. BUT some roads and most of the park services are closed in November. Check the Grand Teton website for the exact dates.

Campgrounds and lodges are also closed so you’ll need to stay in nearby Jackson.

snowy and icy road through Grand Teton in the winter
Snowy and icy road through Grand Teton

November Weather at Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park weather in November means cold temperatures. Daytime highs are near 35 degrees Fahrenheit and the lows are in the teens! 

It is really important that you dress in layers and bring your winter clothing essentials: fleece jacket, winter coat, winter gloves, and winter hat at a minimum!

Rain and snow storms can roll through at any time. Always check the current Grand Teton weather and road conditions before heading into the park.

Things To Do at Grand Teton in November

There are still many outdoor activities you can do in November even when many areas of the park are close. Check out these Grand Teton National Park fall activities and ideas when visiting in November.

There are fun way to get everyone excited before, during and after the trip with National Park activities:

Kids, and adults, will enjoy collecting stamps in their National Park Passport book! Passport booklets and stamp sets are “usually” available at the park visitor centers, but we recommend you get the passport book before the trip, just in case!! We’ve seen sad kiddos when a visitor center is out of passport books. Rangers can stamp a piece of paper, but it’s not just the same experience!

Bull moose at Grand Teton in the fall.
Bull moose at Grand Teton

Wildlife at Grand Teton in November

In November you may see Grand Teton wildlife getting ready for winter. The elk rut is over, but many of these animals start to make their way to the Elk Refuge between the park and the town of Jackson.

The bears will be foraging for food to get ready for winter hibernation so be extra cautious on the roads and trails.

It’s exciting to see the moose at Grand Teton with their large antlers. Here’s a list of great wildlife viewing areas you can access in November:

  • Oxbow Bend
  • Mormon Row
  • Snake River

If you’re serious about getting good wildlife photos, check out the gear we recommend:

Grand Teton Scenic Drive
Grand Teton Scenic Drive

Scenic Drives, Hiking and Biking in November at Grand Teton

Since the park is getting ready for winter in November, you won’t be able to access the full Grand Teton National Park scenic drive.

You can bike, hike, run and rollerblade along the Teton Park Road in November until it becomes snow covered. Pets are allowed on this road in November! Once it’s snow covered, leashed pets can use the multi-use lane.

The Grand Teton day hikes found along the Teton Park Road won’t be accessible. There are a few areas along Highway 191 from Jackson to Moran where you can hike to Schwabacher Landing, Mormon Row and Cunningham Cabin.

Keep in mind the side roads like Antelope Flats, Pilgrim Creek and Schwabacher close seasonally based on conditions.

Moulton Barn in November
Moulton Barn in November

Grand Teton Photography in November

You can’t beat the landscape you’ll see at Grand Teton. The jagged peaks of the snow-capped mountains are a photographer’s dream!

In November it can be tricky to photograph Grand Teton National Park. Many of the best photo spots at Grand Teton could be affected by weather.

Here’s a list of our favorite photo spots at Grand Teton you can access in November:

  • Oxbow Bend
  • Schwabacher Landing
  • Snake River Overlook
  • Mormon Row – Moulton Barns
  • Jackson Lake Overlook

Make sure your camera gear is all packed and ready to capture the beauty at Grand Teton!

Grand Teton Tours in November

There are a variety of Grand Teton National Park tours that are still available in November. Booking a Grand Teton tour provides an unforgettable experience!

Grand Teton maps and guides

AMAZON: Yellowstone and Grand Teton Guides and Maps

Grand Teton Lodging in November

Since all the lodges and campgrounds are closed in November, you’ll need to stay in nearby Jackson. Here’s a list of our favorite places to stay:

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