Grand Teton National Park Weather: Best Time of Year to Visit

It’s all about the weather when deciding the best time of year to plan a vacation. This article details the Grand Teton National Park weather you can expect each season and month of the year.

Use this Grand Teton National Park guide to know the expected temperatures and weather, services available, things to do, what to pack, and where to stay during the year.

Grand Teton National Park weather

Do your research to know what it’s like visiting Grand Teton National Park at various times of year so you can decide which season and month is best for you to plan your vacation to this stunning park!

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A Photo Tour of Grand Teton National Park

Take a visual tour through Grand Teton National Park to see the stunning landscape and wildlife you’ll find in the park!

Visiting Grand Teton National Park

You’ll find many things to do in Grand Teton National Park any time of year. During the winter, the activities may be a bit more limited due to cold or snowy conditions!

When planning a Grand Teton National Park vacation it’s important to be up-to-date with current weather and road conditions!

Use these resources to plan your trip to Grand Teton vacation:

Grand Teton National Park Weather

If you’re wondering the best time to visit best time to visit Grand Teton National Park, below you’ll find specific information about what it’s like at different seasons and months of the year to help you decide.

You’ll also find links to different articles we’ve written about each season or month specifically: weather, services, and things to do that time of year.

Grand Tetonin the spring at Schwabacher Landing

Spring Weather at Grand Teton National Park

Springtime at Grand Teton varies quite a bit from month to month. When visiting Grand Teton National Park in the spring, it’s important to pack for all types of weather because you never know when the weather will change.

The spring months are pretty quiet at Grand Teton. Usually the first of May is when the Teton Park Road from Taggart Lake to Signal Mountain Lodge is open.

At any time in the late spring there may be snow and lakes still frozen, especially close to the base of the Teton range. And of course, the higher up you go in elevation, the more winter holds on!

We recommend you watch the weather and pack a winter coat, winter hat, and winter gloves when going to Grand Teton in early spring. 

kayaks at Jackson Lake in Grand Teton in the summer

Summer Weather at Grand Teton National Park

There are so many summer activities at Grand Teton because the weather is just right to enjoy the outdoors! No wonder it’s the most popular time to visit!

In early summer, some of the hiking trails will be muddy (or still covered with snow at the higher elevations), and some areas in the park will be closed due to bear activity.

Be sure to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a sunat, sunscreen and carry a hydration pack or a refillable water bottle in your backpack.

Summer is a great time to explore the Grand Teton day hikes and enjoy water activities like boating and kayaking.

Teton mountains with trees in fall color

Fall Weather at Grand Teton National Park

The weather at Grand Teton in the fall starts to cool down so be prepared for the cold temperatures at night!

With the cooler temperatures at night, you will definitely want to pack an insulated coatfleece jacketwarm hat and gloves for the nights and early mornings. 

Fall is a nice time to photograph Grand Teton National Park with the vibrant fall colors. It’s also a time when wildlife is active getting ready for winter.

snowy and icy road through Grand Teton in the winter

Winter Weather at Grand Teton

The temperatures really drop at Grand Teton National Park in the winter so it’s the least busy season.

The Teton Park Road is closed November 1 to April 30 from Taggart Lake Trailhead to Signal Mountain Lodge. During this time the road is used for skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking from mid-December to mid-March.

Moose-Wilson Road is usually closed to vehicles until mid-May. When it’s snow-packed it’s open to skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.

Highway 191 from Jackson to Moran is open. You can find many photo spots at Grand Teton along this road.

During the winter it is especially important to dress in layers. Here’s the full list of the outdoor winter clothing we use! We especially like photographer gloves and rechargeable hand warmers!

Grand Teton maps and guides

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Plan a Grand Teton Vacation

Where to Stay in Jackson Near Grand Teton

Here’s a list of our favorite places to stay:

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