Travel Packing Tips + Printable Packing Checklists

Our number one travel packing tip is to use a packing checklist to ensure you don’t forget essential items! Packing for travel doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep it simple, light, and only bring what you truly need.

Packing is part of the Travel Planning process. When determining what to pack for a vacation destination, it’s key to research the climate and know what activities you’ll do so you have the right clothing and gear.

Tick off each item as you pack it, which not only keeps you organized but also gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re fully prepared for your journey. A checklist is especially useful for items that are easily overlooked but crucial, like chargers, travel adapters, and important medications.

You’ll find links below to various types of travel packing checklists to help you pack the right stuff for your next trip! Road trips, family travel, outdoor adventures and staycations: it’s important to pack the right items for the specific trip you take so you can relax and have fun knowing you haven’t forgotten anything.

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Travel Packing Resources

One of the biggest questions travelers have is what to pack for the trip! We’ve put together a list of travel packing lists for all types of travel, locations and weather.

Hiking Gear Packing Lists

Photography Gear Packing Lists

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Road Trip Packing Lists

Helpful road trip resources for what to pack, healthy snacks to eat, and more. Many of these checklists you can download and print!

Travel Snacks

travel journal for kids

Travel Games, Printables and Coloring Pages

And don’t forget to pack things to do while you travel! There are coloring pages, games, printables and toys to keep all members of the family entertained during the trip!

Travel Toys and Games

National Park Activities & Games

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