30 Zion National Park Winter Photos + Travel Tips

We’ve created this gallery of 30 Zion National Park winter photos to inspire you to add this location to your bucket list!

Use this picture gallery and Zion National Park travel guide to know all the best things to see, do, and photograph at the park in the winter.

30 Zion National Park Winter Photos

A trip to Zion National Park in the winter is the best because the crowds are gone. At times we feel like we have the park all to ourselves!

This guide provides all you need to know to plan a winter vacation: services available, weather, and more!

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Visiting Zion in the Winter

You’ll LOVE visiting Zion National Park in the winter when it’s the off-season. The park is definitely not as crowded as it is during the summer.

Zion National Park and the Visitor Center are open all year long, every day of the year. Check the website for the most current Zion facilities hours.

Winter camping in Zion National Park is limited to the Watchman Campground.

Zion Shuttle in the Winter

The Zion Canyon scenic drive is closed to private vehicles during the shuttle season. Typically, Zion National Park shuttles are running March through November, weekends in February, and the week between major holidays in December.

With winter being less crowded one of the benefits is that you can drive your car through Zion Canyon (except for the holidays at Christmas/New Year’s and President’s weekend in February).

All four Zion National Park scenic drives are open in the winter, but when a storm rolls through, they may close if conditions are bad so always check the park service website for updated road conditions.

The upper part of the Kolob Terrace Road, including Lava Point, closes in the winter. Kolob Canyons regularly closes during inclement weather. Driving conditions can be very poor during a storm, but roads are usually plowed quickly after.

Zion National Park Winter Weather

Located in Southern Utah, Zion National Park weather in the winter means cooler days and cold nights. Normally the park only receives up to 5 inches of snow a year.

With the right winter clothing, you will still be able to enjoy yourself even with the cooler weather. 

Things to Do at Zion in the Winter

30 Zion National Park Winter Photos

Here’s a gallery of our favorite 30 Zion winter pictures and some tips for visiting when it’s cold!

We’ve organized these Zion photo spots by location: Zion Canyon, Mt. Carmel Scenic Byway, and Kolob Terrace.

Zion Canyon Winter Photos

Towers of the Virgin at sunrise
Towers of the Virgin
Three patriarchs bridge and river at Zion National Park
Three Patriarchs
Three Patriarchs reflection in the River at Zion
Virgin River near Three Patriarchs
Big Bend Great White Throne Zion Canyon
Big Bend
Great White Throne at Zion National Park
Great White Throne
Great White Throne Zion Canyon
Great White Throne and the Virgin River
Riverside Walk Zion National Park Photography
Riverside Walk
river and waterfalls along the Virgin River at Zion
Virgin River along the Riverside Walk
hiking at Zion National Park in the winter
Wear warm winter clothing when hiking!

Mt Carmel Scenic Byway Photos

sunrise near Mount Carmel Tunnel at Zion
Sunrise photography from the switchbacks
View from Zion National Park switchbacks
View from Zion National Park switchbacks
head light along road in Zion National Park
Light trails along the Zion Mount Carmel Byway
Canyon Overlook at sunrise at Zion
View from Canyon Overlook – Zion National Park Hike
Canyon Overlook sunrise zion national park
Photo Spot for Sunrise at Zion National Park – Canyon Overlook
Zion National Park along Highway 9
Highway 9 – Zion National Park Scenic Drive
Zion National Park in the winter Highway 9
Zion Highway 9 in the winter
frozen water at Zion in the winter
Frozen water at Zion in the winter
Scenic drive in the winter at Zion
Scenic drive in the winter at Zion
Zion NP red landscape with snow
Red landscape with snow

Checkerboard Mesa in the snow at Zion
Checkerboard Mesa with snow
hoodoos along Highway 9 at Zion
Hoodoos along Highway 9
big horn sheep in the winter at Zion
Big horn sheep in the snow at Zion

Pa’rus Trail Photos

Pa'rus Trail at sunset at zion national park
Sunset along the Pa’rus Trail
Pa'rus Trail and The Watchman at sunset at Zion
Virgin River at sunset
Virgin River along the Pa'rus trail in the winter
Virgin River along the Pa’rus trail
sunset along the Pa'rus trail at Zion
Pa’rus Trail bridge over the Virgin River
deer along pa'rus trail at Zion
Deer along Pa’rus Trail

Kolob Terrace Scenic Drive Photos

Kolob Terrace at sunset
Kolob Terrace Road view at sunset
Zion kolob terrace at sunset
Zion Kolob Terrace at sunset
Zion Kolob Terrace in the winter
Zion Kolob Terrace in the winter

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Plan Your Vacation To Zion National Park

Where to Stay Near Zion National Park

You definitely want to stay in Springdale which borders the entrance to Zion.

  • Holiday Inn Express – our favorite place to stay with an outdoor pool and amenities you’d find in a high end hotel
  • Zion Lodge – we haven’t had a chance to stay here yet, but you can’t go wrong staying right IN the park!
  • Under Canvas Zion – if you want to experience a less crowded part of Zion, this is the place! It’s in the Kolob section of the park.
  • Vacation Rentals in Springdale – you’ll want to stay in Springdale so you’re close to the park entrance and can walk to shopping and restaurants. 

Resources for camping near Zion:

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