Capitol Reef National Park Tours

With its stunning views and diverse landscape, Capitol Reef is one of the best places to explore in Utah. There are a variety of Capitol Reef National Park tours to experience all the park has to offer

Use this Capitol Reef National Park guide to help you plan the tours and activities you want to do while visiting!

Tours at Capitol Reef National Park

Whether you’re looking for a half-day or full-day excursion, there are plenty of Capitol Reef tours available to fit your needs: guided hikes, scenic drives, photography, horseback rides, and Jeep or ATV experiences!

Check out these Capitol Reef itineraries to help you plan your vacation and the things you’ll do based on the time you have to spend at the park:

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A Photo Tour of Capitol Reef National Park

Take a visual tour through Capitol Reef National Park to see the stunning landscape and wildlife you’ll find in the park!

Visiting Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef is located in south-central Utah. It’s known for its stunning desert landscape.

The Capitol Reef park and campgrounds are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Visitor Center is open daily except for major holidays. You’ll find a variety of Capitol Reef National Park activities to enjoy here all year long!

Best Time of Year for Capitol Reef Tours

Most of the year you’ll enjoy fun outdoor activities like scenic drives, hiking, biking, and photography. During the winter, the activities may be a bit more limited due to cold or snowy conditions!

Always check the daily Capitol Reef National Park weather forecast to see if the park is experiencing any weather-related closures.

It’s important to know what to expect during the various seasons of the year so you can decide the best time to visit Capitol Reef National Park for what you want to see, do and photograph.

Spring Weather at Capitol Reef: The temperatures vary quite a bit from month to month: March Highs 55 | Lows 31 – April Highs 64 | Lows 37 – May Highs 73 | Lows 46 degrees F.

It is not unusual to get snowfall in March or even April. We recommend you watch the weather and pack a winter coatwinter hat, and winter gloves when going to Capitol Reef in early spring. 

Summer Weather at Capitol Reef: Temperatures will be hot this time of year: June Highs 85 | Lows 56 – July Highs 90 | Lows 62 – August Highs 87 | Lows 60 degrees F.

With the hot summer temperatures, you’ll want to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a sun hatsunscreen and sunglasses. It’s important to stay hydrated and carry a hydration pack or a refillable water bottle in your backpack.

Fall Weather at Capitol Reef: Temperatures start to cool down making it a great time to explore the park: September Highs 80 | Lows 50 – October Highs 65 | Lows 40 – November Highs 50 | Lows 30 degrees F.

Winter Weather at Capitol Reef: Temperatures really drop so it’s the least busy season: December Highs 39 | Lows 19 – January Highs 39 | Lows 18 – February Highs 45 | Lows 23 degrees F.

During the winter it is especially important to dress in layers. We recommend an insulted winter jacketfleece jacketwarm hat and gloves if you’ll be doing any outside activities. Here’s the full list of the outdoor winter clothing we use!

Capitol Reef National Park Tours

With so many different Capitol Reef tours available, you can choose one that best fits your interests and schedule. From guided hikes and Jeep tours to horseback riding and photography, there’s something for everyone. Check out all the fun tours you can do at Capitol Reef National Park!

Capitol Reef GyPSy Guide App Tour

We recommend getting this app to download and hear fun behind-the scenes stories and local tips that play automatically as you drive, based on your GPS location.

The Capitol Reef scenic drive is 7.9 miles long. The paved road is suitable for passenger vehicles. Since it’s not a loop road, you’ll drive back the way you came.

There are two dirt spur roads off the scenic drive: Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge. Passenger cars and RVs up to 27 feet in length are fine to drive the road.

The Scenic Drive, Grand Wash, and Capitol Gorge roads can be closed due to snow, ice, mud, and flash floods.

Capitol Reef scenic drive
Capitol Reef scenic drive

Capitol Reef Llama and Horse Tours

You can explore the best day hikes in Capitol Reef National Park on your own. But booking a Capitol Reef hiking tour means you’ll learn the park’s history and geology from the tour guide!

Capitol Reef Guided Llama Hike

This day hike with llamas takes you to one of the most popular highlights of Capitol Reef, the Waterpocket Fold. The day hikes are catered to fit any group or individual. There are one hour hikes up to full day hikes and include gear, equipment, trail snacks, and a gourmet lunch!

Capitol Reef National Park’s 2-Hour Horse Rides

This tour offers 2-hour horseback rides that are like no other. The horses will take you on a trail through the washes of the Waterpocket Fold of Capitol Reef National Park. This tour comes with water and trail snacks for 2 hours. With a professional guide, you are assured of your safety. Guests must be 8 years old to participate.

photographer at Capitol Reef
Photographer at Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef National Park Photography Tours

Photography tours help you capture the perfect sunrise, sunset, or night sky images at Capitol Reef National Park!

Capitol Reef 3-Day Itinerary and Photography Guide

You CAN explore and photograph the area on your own with our 3-Day Capitol Reef National Park Itinerary and Photography Guide! It includes 1, 2 and 3-day itineraries that detail exactly when to visit the must-see attractions in the park to avoid the crowds! Plus a detailed list of the ideal photo locations and best times of day for each spot so you can capture images in the most ideal light!

Capitol Reef Milky Way Photography Tour

A professional guide will pick you up from your accommodation using private Range Rovers and take you to one of the unique dark-sky viewing locations for a breathtaking view of the park’s night sky and the majestic Milky Way. A detailed astronomical explanation will also be provided for a more realistic experience.

jeep crossing the river to access Cathedral Valley
Jeep crossing the river to access Cathedral Valley

Capitol Reef Jeep Tours

If you’re looking for an exciting and adventurous way to explore the Capitol Reef area, then Jeep tours are the perfect option. With a knowledgeable guide at the wheel, you’ll get to experience the rugged beauty of this area in a unique and thrilling way.

Capitol Reef Cathedral Valley Jeep Tour

This half-day Cathedral Valley tour is an exciting and thrilling way to explore Capitol Reef National Park’s backcountry beauty. The tour is worth booking if you want to make the most of your limited time in the region! Approximately 1.25 hours of driving are required to reach the Temples of the Sun and Moon and Glass Mountain, two of Capitol Reef’s most iconic features.

Private 4X4 Trip at Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef

This luxury 4×4 vehicle drive takes you to Capitol Reef’s backcountry paradise tol explore cathedrals, temples, hoodoos, buttes, and other park features. We will ford the Fremont River, climb the Bentonite Hills, and visit the South Desert Overlook and the legendary Temples of the Sun and Moon. Lunches or outdoor cookouts and dinners can be arranged. 

SR Adventures Capitol Reef Jeep Tour

During this tour, you will see skyscraper-sized rock towers, alien moonscapes, epic vistas straight out of a western movie, strange crystals, a giant sinkhole, and lava formations. The trip will also include visits to iconic sites such as Glass Mountain and the colorful Bentonite Hills.

Capitol Reef Country Jeep Tour 

This Jeep tour focuses on the highlights of the Reef region. Through diverse terrain and elevations, backcountry roads lead in all directions. You can choose between high desert terrain, red rock, mountains, and forests. 

Jeep Safari Tours of Capitol Reef

On this Jeep tour, you will journey into the natural wonders of Capitol Reef National Park. Along the iconic Waterpocket Fold, you will follow the Burr Trail into the heart of Fremont Native American culture. As you traverse landscapes surrounded by otherworldly rocks that are millions of years old, you can witness the geology of the Earth’s crust. Discover the stunning Cathedral Valley at the park’s north end. 

Capitol Reef Packing List

It’s important to have the right clothing, hydration, food, personal items and hiking gear for your trip to Capitol Reef!

To help you know what to pack any time of year, check out our Capitol Reef National Park packing list! Click the graphic below to get your free checklist download!

get the free capitol reef national park packing lists

Where to Stay Near Capitol Reef National Park

capitol reef guides and map

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