Visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in June

The weather is pretty much perfect when you visit Bryce Canyon National Park in June! Bryce Canyon is a stunning natural wonder in southern Utah that offers a unique experience during the summer months.

Use this Bryce Canyon travel guide to plan your June vacation. We share everything you need to know: what to pack, where to stay, things to do and more!

Bryce Canyon National Park in June

But June is a busy time at Bryce Canyon so be prepared for crowds. Keep reading for tips to beat the crowds during your Bryce Canyon vacation in the summer!

Use this guide to help you decide if a June vacation to Bryce Canyon is the right time for you to enjoy outdoor adventures at this park.

Check out these done-for-you Bryce Canyon itineraries based on the time you have to spend at the park:

Bryce Canyon Travel Bundle
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A Photo Tour of Bryce Canyon National Park

Take a visual tour through Bryce Canyon National Park to see the stunning landscapes you’ll see when you visit!

Visiting Bryce Canyon in June

There are so many things to do at Bryce Canyon National Park like hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

The weather in June is a terrific time to enjoy these outdoor Bryce Canyon activities. The mornings and evenings will be cool and the daytime temperatures will be just right!

There’s not much shade on along the trails at Bryce Canyon, so having moderate temperatures is a big reason to visit in June.

But Utah National Parks are busy during the peak seasons of spring, summer and fall so be prepared for crowds. Our big tip to avoid the crowds is to get into the park early. You can’t beat the sunrise at Bryce Canyon and hiking in the morning!

Does the Shuttle Run in June?

Yes, the Bryce Canyon shuttle runs every day in June, but riding the shuttle is not mandatory. The buses bring visitors to the Bryce Amphitheater area of the park.

The Rainbow Bus tour provides a shuttle-based exploration of the Bryce Canyon scenic drive. But if you can also access this road with your private vehicle. We highly recommend starting early so you can drive your car and enjoy each stop!

**Be sure to check the shuttle schedule for Bryce Canyon for exact dates for the month of June.

Weather at Bryce Canyon in June

The Bryce Canyon National Park weather in June is amazing! Bryce Canyon sits at a high elevation so the temperatures are cooler there than the other Utah National Parks. In June expect highs near 74 and lows near 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The mornings and evenings will be cool so you’ll want a fleece jacket.

Is June a Good Time to Visit Bryce Canyon?

Bryce Canyon National Park is open 24 hours a day, all year long. We’ve put together a resource of the best time to visit Bryce Canyon with specific information about what it’s like at different seasons and months of the year.

Bryce Canyon in the winter is a fun time to visit to avoid the crowds and you don’t mind cold and snow!

Things to Do at Bryce Canyon National Park in June

There are a variety of Bryce Canyon National Park summer activities to enjoy this park in June!

Bryce Canyon Visitor Center in June

The Visitor Center should be your first stop when you arrive. Talk with the park ranger about the activities you plan to do. They share important things to know as well as the conditions of the trials. Check out what Bryce Canyon ranger-led programs are available in June.

The services at the Visitor Center include:

  • Restrooms
  • Drinking Water
  • Backcountry permits
  • First Aid
  • Ranger Help Desk
  • Book Store
  • Twenty Minute Introduction Movie
  • Exhibits
Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive in June

The Bryce Canyon scenic drive is the only way to see all of park and its different views of hoodoos, arches and windows at various overlooks.

In June you’ll want to head into the park early to avoid the crowds. We always recommend you start by driving to the end of the road at Rainbow Point first. Then as you make your way back to the amphitheater all the overlooks are on the right so it’s easy to pull in and out of each parking lot.

Check out the Bryce Canyon GyPSy Guide App to hear fun behind-the scenes stories and local tips that play automatically as you drive, based on your GPS location. It’s a great way to have a tour guide in your car as you drive!

Navajo Loop hiking trail

Hiking at Bryce Canyon in June

There are easy, moderate and strenuous Bryce Canyon hikes to accommodate all levels of hikers. It’s the best way to explore this park and see the features like hoodoos and windows up close!

Take note that in June some trails may be closed due to unsafe conditions as the park transitions from winter to summer.

If you’ll only have time for one hike, we recommend the Navajo Loop Queen’s Garden trail. If the Wall Street side of the Navajo Loop is closed, the Two Bridges side of the Navajo Loop should be open so you can complete this hike.

When hiking at Bryce Canyon keep in mind that going down into the canyon is the easy part. Hiking back up the steep canyon trails can be tough!

When hiking at Bryce Canyon keep in mind:

Natural Bridge

Bryce Canyon Photography in June

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon is spectacular because the light creates a glow on the multi-colored hoodoos that cannot be missed. Sunset Point, Inspiration Point and Bryce Point are our favorite Bryce Canyon sunrise photography spots.

There’s a reason people come from around the world to see the amazing Bryce Canyon views. Be sure to take pictures at all the overlooks along the scenic drive and amphitheater!

We created a Bryce Canyon Photography Guide with tips and best times to take pictures at each viewpoint!

Download our camera gear checklist before arriving at the park to make sure you have everything you need. 

Bryce Canyon Annual Astronomy Festival in June

The Annual Astronomy Festival is held in June at Bryce Canyon! There are family-friendly crafts each day like making a planisphere, paper constellation, and sundail. The evening programs and constellation tours require reservations. Those can be made same-day at the Visitor Center until capacity is reached.

Stargazing at Bryce Canyon is a must-do activity where you can see an endless sky of stars! Check out all the astronomy and night sky programs available at Bryce Canyon.

Take advantage of seeing the night sky at one of Utah’s International Dark Sky Parks. The Milky Way is visible in April from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.

bryce canyon biking shared use path
Biking at Bryce Canyon

Biking at Bryce Canyon in June

There is a 5 mile section of road for bikers to ride from Bryce Canyon City to Inspiration Point, with various stops in between. There is an elevation climb of 746 going north to south. If you prefer a downhill ride, you can take the park shuttle to Inspiration Point then ride back going downhill.

All viewpoints, the Lodge, Visitor Center and Shuttle Station have bike racks so you can stop at various places in the park to explore the area.

The Shared-Use Path is 18 miles and connects Red Canyon with Inspiration Point. Pedestrians, leashed pets, cyclists, skaters, longboards, non-motorized scooters and wheelchairs can use this path.

You can rent bikes in Bryce Canyon City. Read more about biking at Bryce Canyon and the Shared-Use Path.

You can rent bikes in Bryce Canyon City.

horseback riding at bryce canyon
Horseback riding tour at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park Tours in June

Whether you’re looking for a half-day or full-day excursion, there are plenty of Bryce Canyon National Park Tours available to fit your needs: guided hikes, horseback riding, photography, and ATV experiences!

Bryce Canyon Camping in June

In June you’ll find two campgrounds near the Visitor Center and Amphitheater for Bryce Canyon National Park camping.

Due to the high elevation at Bryce Canyon (8,900 feet above sea level), be sure to pack for the weather conditions. The temperatures drop at night, so it’s important to be prepared.

June is a busy time so finding camping spots in the park can be difficult. Check out the various Bryce Canyon National Park RV campsites near the park as well.

If you’re ok with getting of the grid, there are places for boondocking near Bryce Canyon.

Or you can elevate your camping experience to enjoy glamping near Bryce Canyon National Park!

Bryce Canyon maps and guides

Check Amazon for: Bryce Canyon Guides and Maps

Things To Do Near Bryce Canyon in June

Where to Stay Near Bryce Canyon in June

Bryce Canyon Packing List

The climate and altitude of Bryce Canyon can be harsh if you’re not prepared with the right clothing, hydration, food, personal items and hiking gear. To help you know what to pack for your June trip, check out our Bryce Canyon Packing List! Click the graphic below to get your free checklist download!

get the free Bryce Canyon National Park packing lists

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