Fun List of Bryce Canyon Activities

Here’s a list of fun Bryce Canyon activities and things to do near the park.

Use the list below and our Bryce Canyon travel guide to plan an amazing itinerary full of fun activities!

We also share tips for things to pack, where to stay and more!

bryce canyon activities
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Hiking Shoes & Socks – Did you know the #1 and #2 causes of injury at Bryce Canyon is bad choice of footwear. Be sure to wear hiking boots with good ankle support and ample traction. Sport-sandals & “trainers” are NOT safe hiking footwear. We use and always recommend our Merrell Moab hiking shoes or Oboz hiking shoes worn with Darn Tough socks.

Hydration and Food – The #5 cause of injury at Bryce is dehydration. Drink 1 quart / liter every 1-2 hours. Always carry water with you during all hiking activities. Refill stations at Bryce Canyon: Bryce Canyon Visitor Center, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point and Bryce Canyon Lodge. We use hydration packs or carry Hydroflask bottles in our packs. Also eat plenty of healthy snacks and food. Remember it’s just as easy to become dehydrated in the cold as it is in the heat so carry plenty of water during the winter, and not just during the summer. 

Sun Protection – Sunburns also lead to dehydration. Wear a sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from the sun overhead and reflected UV light. Utah’s high elevation and dry air can be hard on your skin so we always carry lip balm with sunscreen and hydrating lotion to apply as needed when we’re out exploring the trails.

Clothing – Bryce Canyon summers mean high temperatures, unrelenting sunlight, and low humidity. To keep cool, wear light colored, loose fitting clothing that does not absorb sunlight. During the winter, be sure to wear layers and winter clothing to stay dry and warm.

National Parks Pass – Before you visit Bryce Canyon National Park be sure to pack your The America the Beautiful Annual Pass.

Other items we recommend you pack for visiting Bryce:

Must-Do Bryce Canyon Activities

Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive

The Bryce Canyon scenic drive is the best way to see the variety of hoodoos, arches and windows at the park.

We always recommend you start by driving to the end of the road at Rainbow Point then working your way back to the amphitheater. This way all the overlooks are on the right so it’s easy to pull in and out of each parking lot.

You can also use the free shuttle during the summer season. 


Exploring the Bryce Canyon hikes is the best way to appreciate this National Park that encompasses over 35,000 acres of picturesque expansive views!

There are many easy, moderate and strenuous hikes at Bryce Canyon to accommodate all hiking levels.

Hiking at Bryce Canyon is definitely a unique experience where you walk right along hoodoos, windows, arches, bridges, tunnels, waterfalls and more!

If you only have time for one hike, we recommend the Navajo Loop Queen’s Garden Trail! We like to start at Sunset Point and end at Sunrise Point.

hikers on Bryce Canyon trails

Stargazing and Astronomy

Bryce Canyon National Park is designated as a Dark Sky certified park. You need to definitely take time to enjoy the night sky during your stay!

During spring, summer and fall the milky way is visible in the sky. It’s a popular location for astrophotography.

The park offers telescope tours and astronomy programs, and there’s an Astronomy Festival each year!


Bryce Canyon photos showcase the vibrant color as the light creates a spectacular glow on the multi-colored hoodoos that cannot be missed. People come from around the world to see the stunning Bryce Canyon views.

Check out our Bryce Canyon Photography Guide with tips and best times to take pictures at each viewpoint! Our favorite Bryce Canyon sunrise photography spots are Bryce Point, Sunset Point and Inspiration Point.

Be sure to download our camera gear checklist before arriving at the park to make sure you have everything you need. 

take jaw-dropping photos at Bryce Canyon


There are two campgrounds for Bryce Canyon National Park camping: North and Sunset Campgrounds.

Due to the high elevation at Bryce Canyon (8,900 feet above sea level), be sure to pack for the weather conditions. The temperatures drop at night, so it’s important to be prepared.

North Campground requires reservations through from May 27 to October 1. From October 2 to May 26 all sites are first-come, first-served. Sunset campground is open April 15th – October 31st. It has 98 first-come, first-served sites and 3 reservable sites through

hike at Bryce Canyon, Thors Hammer


Biking at Bryce Canyon allows you to see the park from a whole different perspective. In the park you will need to stick to the authorized bike trails or the highways within Bryce Canyon. 

You can enjoy mountain biking in nearby Red Canyon where the landscape is similar to Bryce Canyon.

Click here for biking tours and rentals to explore Bryce Canyon Country!

Horseback Riding

Horse backing riding is another great way to see the park. You can bring your own horse and ride on the equestrian trails.

There are many guided horseback tours that you can sign up for and do while visiting. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure we highly recommend!

bryce canyon horseback riding photo credit: Jennifer Wolff

Winter Activities

Due to the high elevation of the park, there will be snow at Bryce Canyon in the winter.

You’ll enjoy fun snow activities like snowshoeing, sledding and cross-country skiing.

The park does a great job of plowing the roads around the park as well as the parking lots near the viewpoints. 

If visiting during President’s Day weekend you can take part in the Winter Festival. This is a free festival with lots of activities to do for the whole family. Events include:

  • Cross country ski tours
  • Snowshoe tours and races
  • Archery clinics
  • Photography clinics
  • Photo contests
  • Kids snowboot races
  • Ski archery competition
  • People-powered sled races
  • Kayaking demonstrations 
  • Snow Sculpture contests
  • Clinics on waxing
  • Lots of entertainment for you and the family to enjoy

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Where to Stay Near Bryce Canyon:

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