Outdoor Fun at Bryce Canyon National Park in the Spring

Bryce Canyon National Park in the Spring is a unique and unforgettable experience.

When you planning your spring vacation, use our Bryce Canyon travel guide and the information below. 

Due to the elevation of Bryce Canyon it will be cold, which usually means fewer (but steady) crowds.

Here are our tips for visiting Bryce Canyon in the spring.

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What to Pack for a Spring National Park Vacation

Bryce Canyon in the Spring

When visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the first things you want to decide is when to go!

Check out all the information we have about the best time to visit Bryce Canyon to find the right time for you!

Below you’ll find a list of things to do at Bryce Canyon National Park in the spring, as well as articles detailing what to expect during each month of this season.

Spring Weather at Bryce Canyon

While visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in the spring you will see a variety of different weather conditions.

It is especially important to pack for all types of weather because you never know when the weather will change. It is not unusual to get a heavy snowfall in March or April. 

While visiting Bryce Canyon in March you can expect highs to be around 45° F and the lows to hover around 23° F. You definitely want to pack your winter clothes for National Parks when going to Bryce in March. 

In April you’ll find warmer temperatures during the day. Highs tend to be around 54° F but you will still find the average lows to be about 29° F.

May brings even warmer temperatures. Highs will be around 64° F and the lows with being around 37° F.

hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park

Things to Do at Bryce Canyon National Park in the Spring

Here’s a list of fun Bryce Canyon activities and tourist attractions in Bryce Canyon:


Photographing Bryce Canyon is always a great option, especially in early spring. The sunrises are truly epic and worth it to get out of bed early to watch!

We recommend spending half a day to see and photograph all the views along the Bryce Canyon scenic drive. We’ve got an awesome Bryce Canyon Photography Guide with tips and best times to take pictures at each viewpoint!

Bryce Canyon sunrise photography is spectacular at any viewpoint along the amphitheater! The glow that happens on the hoodoos in that early morning light is stunning, and something that’s worth getting out of bed to see! Check out our tips for photographing the sunrise.

take jaw-dropping photos at Bryce Canyon


Bryce Canyon is known for some of the most amazing hikes. There are many easy, moderate and strenuous Bryce Canyon hikes, making it the perfect place for everyone to find the right hike. 

One of our favorite trails is the Navajo Loop Queen’s Garden trail. It’s one thing to see the hoodoos from above along the rim, but entirely different to walk through them!

Before you hike in Bryce Canyon remember:

  • Pets are only allowed on paved trails and must be leashed. 
  • Stay on maintained trails. Do not climb the hoodoos. 
  • Wear hiking boots, improper shoes are the number 1 cause of injuries. 
  • Don’t forget water! Plan for 1 qt per person every 2-3 hours. 
  • If you hear thunder seek shelter immediately. This means lightning is within 10 miles. 

The great thing about Bryce Canyon trails is that many of the popular hikes hook together. This allows easy trails to become a more difficult hike if you choose. 


Biking in the spring allows you to see the park from a whole different perspective.

The great thing about biking is you can cover a lot more of the park than you can on your feet. So, if you are only visiting for a day or two think about biking for at least one of the days. 

On a bike, you will need to stick to the authorized bike trails or the highways within Bryce Canyon. 

Horseback Riding

Horse backing riding is another great way to see the park. Ride on the equestrian trails and see the park from horseback.

There are many guided horseback tours that you can sign up for and do while visiting.

Ranger Led Programs

While visiting we highly recommend joining a ranger-led program. 

You can take part in 

  • HooGeology talks
  • Full Moon hikes
  • Snowshoe hikes
  • Constellation tours 

All of these ranger-led programs offer a wealth of knowledge that you can learn so much more from than exploring the park on your own. 

Visitor Center

Stop by the visitor center when you first arrive. So often people visiting skip this, but it is actually the first thing we do on each trip to Bryce Canyon. 

While in the visitor center we talk with the park ranger about which hikes and activities we are planning to do on our trip. They share tips and advice that are valuable as well as the conditions of the trials. 

At the visitor center, you can also see what ranger-led programs are currently running. 

Don’t forget to check out the museum or the bookstore. If you want to relax for a minute you can take a break and watch “Shadows of Time,” which plays at the visitor center as well. 


There is nothing better than stargazing at Bryce Canyon. While at Bryce Canyon you will be able to see the Milky Way along with the thousands of other stars that will light up the night sky.

It is simply a magical experience to take part in. 

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Plan Your Bryce Canyon Vacation

Where to Stay Near Bryce Canyon:

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