40 Bryce Canyon Pictures + Tips for Visiting

We’ve created this gallery of 40 Bryce Canyon pictures to inspire you to add this location to your bucket list!

Use this picture gallery and Bryce Canyon travel guide to know all the best things to see, do, and photograph at the park!

40 pictures of bryce canyon national park

We visit Bryce Canyon National Park at least once a year and never tire of photographing the natural rock formations.

When taking pictures of Bryce Canyon, watch for reflected light on the hoodoos, fins, windows and trees in the canyon.

Be creative with composition by taking pictures through rock holes, tunnels, windows and between cliffs to highlight the stunning landscapes of Bryce Canyon.

Use these Bryce Canyon itineraries to help you plan based on the number of days you have to spend at the park:

Bryce Canyon Travel Bundle
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Tips for Visiting and Photographing Bryce Canyon

Most of the year you’ll enjoy fun outdoor things to do at Bryce Canyon National Park like scenic drives, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. During the winter, the activities are a bit more limited due to the cold and snow!

Due to the higher elevation at Bryce Canyon compared to the other Utah National Parks, the weather and temperatures will be different so it’s important to be up-to-date with current weather and road conditions!

Visiting Bryce Canyon by Season

Check out these articles we’ve written about each season or month specifically: Bryce Canyon National Park weather, services, and things to do during that time of year.

Things to do at Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park Photography Tips

Check out our Bryce Canyon photography guide with tips and best times to take pictures at each viewpoint!

40 Jaw-Dropping Bryce Canyon National Park Pictures

Here’s a gallery of our favorite Bryce Canyon pictures and photo spots in order along the scenic drive starting at Rainbow Point.

As you drive from Rainbow Point back to the Amphitheater, all the Bryce Canyon scenic drive overlooks will be on the right so you can avoid left turns on the busy road.

Rainbow Point is a Bryce Canyon photo spot
Rainbow Point

The Rainbow Point is a good introduction to Bryce Canyon National Park with views of the pink cliffs and hoodoos along with a fabulous panoramic view.  

hoodoos at Bryce Canyon
Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

The Agua Canyon viewpoint is a fun stop to see two famous structures: “The Hunter” and “The Rabbit”. 

The Rabbit at Bryce Canyon Agua Point
The Rabbit formation at Agua Canyon

The Hunter has a hat of evergreens and is easily seen just in front of the viewpoint. To the right is a smaller hoodoo commonly referred to as The Rabbit (the The Hunter’s prey).

The Hunter at Paria Canyon
The Hunter at Paria Canyon

The Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon is a popular point of interest. When you catch the light just right at mid-morning, the orange/red hues reflected inside the arch is stunning.

Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon+
Natural Bridge reflected light glow

Technically, this is an arch, not a bridge. It started as a “window” and has eroded where the opening is nearly 125 feet tall!

Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge
Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge overlook
Natural Bridge overlook

One of the most scenic vistas you’ll see of the full amphitheater is from Bryce Point. It’s our favorite spot for Bryce Canyon sunrise photography!

Bryce Point at sunrise
Bryce Point

From this point you can see the sun rise on the horizon. But the best part is watching the light glow and spread along the tops of hoodoos then into the amphitheater.

Amphitheater from Bryce Point
Amphitheater from Bryce Point
View of Bryce Canyon from Bryce Point
View of Bryce Canyon from Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon isn’t known for its sunsets because the canyon features all face east. But you will find the famous “glow” on the hoodoos at Paria View in the evening since the hoodoos here face the west.

Paria View at Bryce Canyon at sunset
Paria View at sunset

If you’re looking for sunset photography spots in Bryce, head to Paria View!

Paria View at sunset
Paria View at Blue Hour

Inspiration Point is another must-see viewpoint and Bryce Canyon photo spot. There are three levels to view the amphitheater at Inspiration Point.

Inspiration Point sunrise
Inspiration Point sunrise
sunrise at Inspiration Point
Sunrise at Inspiration Point

Take note that the cliffs at this viewpoint are exceptionally dangerous. The edges are crumbly rock with slippery slopes and sheer drop-offs below.

It’s important to remain on trails and behind railings, and watch children here!

Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point
view of hoodoos from Inspiration Point
View of hoodoos from Inspiration Point

Bryce Canyon hikes are the best way to explore this National Park that encompasses over 35,000 acres of picturesque expansive views!

hiking trail through the hoodos
Hiking trail through the hoodoos
Reflected light glow at Bryce Canyon
Reflected light glow at Bryce Canyon

You’ll find quite a few Bryce Canyon sunrise photography spots along the amphitheater.

sunrise at the Bryce Canyon amphitheater
Bryce Canyon sunrise

Sunset Point is a well-visited overlook due to the popular Thor’s Hammer and Silent City you can see from here. The name Sunset Point is deceptive thought because it’s NOT a good location for sunset photography.

sunset point photo spot at bryce canyon
Sunset Point at sunrise

We feel this is one of the best Bryce Canyon sunrise photography spots when the light illuminates the hoodoos.

sunrise at Sunset Point
Sunrise at Sunset Point
Bryce Canyon amphitheater
Bryce Canyon amphitheater

We LOVE the Navajo Loop Queen’s Garden Trail hike from Sunset Point to Sunrise Point. It’s a great way to see the hoodoos up close!!

Thor's Hammer and hoodoos at Bryce Canyon
Thor’s Hammer and hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

The Navajo Loop Trail consists of the three most famous sights to see in Bryce Canyon National Park: Thor’s Hammer, Wall Street, and Two Bridges.

Starting and ending at Sunset Point, the Navajo Trail resembles a loop. It requires hikers to descend over 800 feet down the Bryce Rim’s side. 

Thor's Hammer
Thor’s Hammer

We HIGHLY recommend taking this trail down to at least Thor’s Hammer so you can experience seeing the hoodoos and windows up close.

That way, the climb back up isn’t as long compared to going down to the canyon floor.

Thors Hammer Bryce Canyon sunrise spot
Thor’s Hammer Bryce Canyon sunrise spot

Many of the best day hikes at Bryce Canyon National Park can be connected to create a combination of two or more of these basic trails. 

hikers on the Navajo Loop trail at Bryce Canyon
Hiker at Bryce Canyon
Hiking Trail at Bryce Canyon
Navajo Loop Trail

There are so many Bryce Canyon views to enjoy at this park so be sure to have your camera ready!

glowing hoodoos at Sunset Point
Sunset Point

Planning a trip to Bryce Canyon in the winter is truly a unique and incredible experience and is totally different than visiting in the summer.

Bryce Canyon in the winter hoodoos with snow
Bryce Canyon amphitheater with snow

Yes it will be cold and you will need to bundle up, but the crowds are gone and you can truly appreciate this park in all its natural beauty.

It is especially gorgeous with the white snow contrasting against the red orange hoodoos.

 Bryce Canyon hoodoos with snow
Bryce Canyon hoodoos with snow

There are many Bryce Canyon winter hikes you can explore, just be sure to wear winter clothing and check with the Rangers to see if traction devices are needed.

Bryce Canyon in the winter with snow
Bryce Canyon in the winter with snow

Horseback riding tours are one of the favorite Bryce Canyon activities! You can experience the trails through the hoodoos without the exertion of hiking!

Queen's Garden Trail below Sunrise Point at Bryce Canyon
Queen’s Garden Trail below Sunrise Point
Fairyland Point
Hoodoos at Fairyland Point

Some of the best Bryce Canyon photos will be capturing the reflected light glow on the hoodoos. Don’t forget to take close up pictures of the features at Bryce Canyon, and not just the sweeping views!

Fairyland Point hoodoos reflected light
Fairyland Point hoodoos

Mossy Cave is one of the easy hikes at Bryce Canyon National Park that don’t require going down the canyon and back up!

River and hoodoos along the Mossy Cave trail
Mossy Cave photo spot at Bryce Canyon
Waterfall on the Mossy Cave Trail
Mossy Cave trail waterfall
Mossy Cave trail waterfall

Bryce Canyon sits at 8,000 feet so the scenery changes dramatically in the colder months. You’ll have a unique experience here, but it requires a very different packing list.

There are many Bryce Canyon winter activities to enjoy as long as you’re prepared with the right winter gear!

Bryce Canyon entry sign in the winter
Bryce Canyon entry station with snow

The temperatures, conditions and Bryce Canyon National Park weather can change quickly at this high elevation.

Winter storms can create some challenging conditions. You can see current weather conditions at Bryce Canyon on the NPS website and check weather forecasts in advance for storms.

hiking trails at Bryce Canyon in the winter
Snowy trail at Bryce Canyon

We recommend you check out the Bryce Canyon 7-day forecast as your visit approaches so you’re prepared.

photographing Bryce Canyon in the winter
Photographing Bryce Canyon in the winter

There you have it! 40 ideas of photos you need to take at Bryce Canyon National Park!!

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