Utah Weather in February

If you’re planning a trip to Utah In February, be prepared for cold temperatures and snowy conditions at any time throughout the state. Utah weather in February will feel the same as it did in January: still cold and snowy.

It’s important to know the expected weather and temperatures you may encounter so you’re prepared with the right clothing and gear for the places you want to go and things you want to do!

February weather in Utah

We’ve lived in Utah over 20 years and have traveled all over the state during all four seasons. For us, we enjoy visiting the Utah National Parks in February located in the southern part of the state. It’s a good time of year to avoid the crowds during the busy seasons and the heat of summer!

We recommend you pack layers: fleece jacket, winter jacket, winter gloves, and winter hat plus waterproof or insulated boots if you plan to enjoy the outdoors. Be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of time so you’re prepared for any changes, especially if you’ll be doing outdoor activities.

Use our Utah Packing Lists so you have the right clothing and gear for visiting in February! Grab your free printable packing checklist by clicking the image below!

Utah packing lists for spring summer fall and winter
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A Photo Tour of Utah National Parks

Take a visual tour through all five Utah National Parks to see the stunning landscapes you’ll see when you visit!

Tips For Visiting Utah in February

Utah is divided into two regions: Northern Utah and Southern Utah. The temperatures and weather conditions in February can be drastically different due to elevation and location in the state.

Northern Utah: This is where you’ll find the three large cities in the state: Salt Lake City, Park City, and Provo. In February you can enjoy all snow sports!

Southern Utah: All 5 Utah National Parks are located in Central and Southern Utah. In February it’s usually snow-free in this part of the state, but storms can roll through any time bringing a small amount of snow. The higher elevations will be cold with lots of snow, like Bryce Canyon.

Check to see where the places you want to visit are located around the state because a drive from Salt Lake City to any of the National Parks in the south can take 4 to 5 hours.

Pack your winter road trip supplies because Utah roads will be impacted by snow or ice after storms. Driving between the northern and southern parts of the state you’ll be passing through rural areas with small towns, limited services, and spotty cell service.

Is February a Good Time to Visit Utah?

The month of February is a fun time to visit Utah to enjoy a variety of activities. In the Southern part of the state, you can do outdoor activities like hiking, off-roading, scenic drives, and stargazing at the National Parks, State Parks, and National Monuments.

Enjoy snow activities like skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and more in Northern Utah and the higher elevation mountains around the state.

Highway 12 Red Canyon Tunnel
Highway 12 Red Canyon Tunnel

Utah Weather in February

Here’s a summary of the Utah weather in the winter during the month of February:

Northern Utah Average temperatures in February:

  • Salt Lake City: highs 45 / lows 29 degrees F
  • Provo: highs 48 / lows 28
  • Ogden: highs 44 / lows 25
  • Park City: highs 35 / lows 17
  • Alta: highs 31 / lows 15

Northern Utah Average Snowfall in February:

  • Salt Lake City – 6 days / 10.7 inches
  • Logan – 6 days / 12.2 inches
  • Provo – 4 days / 8.7 inches
  • Alta – 13 days / 81.2 inches
  • Park City – 9 days / 25.5 inches

Southern Utah Average temperatures in February:

  • St. George: highs 59 / lows 32 degrees F
  • Moab: highs 52 / lows 27
  • Escalante: highs 48 / lows 23
  • Cedar City: highs 45 / lows 24
  • Brian Head: highs 32 / lows 12

Southern Utah Average Snowfall in February:

  • Moab (Arches/Canyonlands) – 1 day / 1.4 inches
  • Bryce Canyon – 7 days / 18.1 inches
  • Capitol Reef – 1 day / 1.5 inches
  • Cedar City – 5 days / 10.6 inches
  • Zion – 0.5 days / 0.8 inches
  • St. George – 0.2 days / 0.5 inches
Fiery Furnace with snow at Arches
Fiery Furnace with snow at Arches

Utah National Parks February Weather

Visiting Utah National Parks in January is the off season so you can enjoy your vacation without the crowds you find in the summer. All of the Utah National Parks are open every single day in January. Not all the visitor centers and amenities are open throughout the whole park during the winter.

Here’s the Utah National Parks weather in February you can expect at all five parks! The temperatures will be COLD and snow storms are possible any time during the winter season.

Be sure to check the expected weather and temperatures for the park you’ll be visiting so you’re prepared with the right clothing and gear you’ll need for the activities you want to do.

Turret Arch in the winter with snow
Turret Arch with snow

Arches National Park February Weather

The weather at Arches in February is pretty cold with average highs 52 degrees and lows 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that Arches National Park is located at 5,653 feet above sea level so it does get cold in the winter, even if the sun is out.

The Arches National Park scenic drive might be closed after a snowfall for several hours for plowing. Park roads, parking lots, and pullouts can still be icy, especially in shaded areas. Check at the visitor center for the latest information on road conditions in the park.

You’re in for a treat when it snows to capture Arches National Park winter photos with the white contrast against the red rock landscape!

photographing Bryce Canyon in the winter
Photographing Bryce Canyon in the winter

Bryce Canyon National Park February Weather

It’s important to note that the weather at Bryce Canyon in February will be the coldest park of all 5 in Utah due to its elevation. Expect cold temperatures with highs around 36° F and lows around 11° F.

You can’t beat visiting Bryce Canyon without the crowds and the offseason rates in the winter. Yes there will be snow at Bryce Canyon in February, but that’s what makes it magical!

Ruby’s Inn hosts a Winter Festival over President’s Weekend in mid-February. The events may be subject to change due to weather conditions, but the festival will be held regardless!

There are many Bryce Canyon winter hikes to explore, but you may need snowshoes or traction devices. Keep in mind the Wall Street side of the Navajo Loop is closed, but the Two Bridges side of the Navajo Loop remains open.

You can’t beat the amazing Bryce Canyon winter photos you can get. We recommend using winter clothing and winter gear for you and your camera like photographer gloves, rechargeable hand warmers, and a lens warmer.

Snow at Canyonlands Island in the Sky

Canyonlands National Park February Weather

The weather at Canyonlands in February will be cold and it could snow. Expect highs 52 degrees with lows 28 degrees. Remember that Island in the Sky is located at 6,100 feet above sea level, and Canyonlands Needles is 5,920 so it does get cold in the winter, even if the sun is out.

After a snow storm, the park road might be closed for plowing for a few hours. Keep in mind that the roads, parking lots, and pullouts in the park can still be icy, especially in shaded areas. Check to make sure the Island in the Sky scenic drive is open after a snow storm.

Visiting Canyonlands National Park in February requires a little more work on your behalf. In the winter most amenities are closed throughout the park and both parks are remote locations. Be sure to pack water, food and proper clothing so you can be self-reliant.

Hickman Bridge with snow

Capitol Reef National Park February Weather

The weather at Capitol Reef National Park in February will be cold, and you may encounter snow. Expect highs 45 and lows 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the temperatures will be cold it is worth visiting this time of year.

There are so many fun Capitol Reef winter hikes to choose from, with trails for all levels of hiker. Some of our favorite winter hiking trails are: Hickman Bridge, Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge Wash.

Remember the park’s elevation is 5500 feet. If you’re coming from a lower elevation, or from sea level, trails that are considered “easy” might be more difficult for you. Your safety is your responsibility, especially during the winter.

Zion-national-park-winter-Highway-9-Photo-Jeepers-sm (1)
Highway 9 at Zion with snow

Zion National Park February Weather

The weather at Zion National Park in February can be unpredictable so be prepared for sunny, rainy, snowy days. The days and nights are definitely cooler this time of year at Zion. In February the highs are 60 degrees and the lows are 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In the FIRST PART of February you have full access to drive into Zion Canyon and not worry about riding the shuttle! Be sure to check the Zion National Park shuttle schedule for exact dates when the shuttle resumes for the year.

All four Zion National Park scenic drives are open in February, but when a storm rolls through, they may close if conditions are bad so always check the park service website for updated road conditions.

Usually there will be snow on the tops of the canyon walls which create amazing Zion National Park winter photos!

Winter clothing at Arches in the winter
Winter clothing for visiting Utah in the winter

What to Wear in Utah in February

February is cold and usually snow-free in Southern Utah and at all 5 of the National Parks. In Northern Utah the valleys can experience sunny blue skies or snow storms. The higher elevation mountains are a winter wonderland with a variety of snow activities available!

We recommend layers and winter accessories for visiting Utah in February:

winter hiking gear

Places to Stay in Utah in February

Utah Bucket List

Check out this comprehensive list of must-do activities that belong on every Utah Bucket List: things to see, do and taste all around the state! Grab the free printable packet by clicking the graphic below!

utah bucket list - grab the free packet

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