Visiting Moab in August

Use this travel guide to plan your vacation to Moab in August. We share all the details you need: weather, activities, what to pack, where to stay and more!

Use this Moab Utah Vacation Guide to plan an August vacation: weather, activities, what to pack, where to stay and more!

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There are plenty of things to do in Moab, Utah even though August is a HOT time of year to visit.

There are ways to avoid the heat and crowds you’ll find in August in Moab. Keep reading for our tips and recommended activities.

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What To Pack for a Trip to Moab

Where to Stay in Moab

There are many types of accommodations to choose from in Moab: budget-friendly hotels to higher-priced resorts. You’ll also find vacation rentals, a hostel, campgrounds and RV parks in Moab.

A Photo Tour of Moab, Utah

Take a visual tour through the Moab, Utah area to see the stunning landscapes you’ll see when you visit!


August will be HOT, but you can still enjoy outdoor Moab adventures. There’s not much shade in the Moab area so you’ll want to do hiking and biking in the mornings when it’s cooler and the sun isn’t blazing.

Moab in the summer is a busy time and it WILL be crowded. You’ll find higher prices for accommodations and long lines at the restaurants! The national parks, state parks, overlooks, hiking trails and points of interest will also be packed with people.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to visit Moab at other times of the year, check out our article: Best time to visit Moab.


August temperatures in Moab: highs around 100 and lows around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to stay hydrated and use sun protection in August:

WATER: Moab is a high desert area so you should drink at least one gallon of water per day, and always carry water with you – hydration packs or carry refillable bottles in your backpack.

FOOD: Pack and eat healthy snacks because there may be NO services on the trails or scenic drives. 

SUN PROTECTION: Wear a sunhat and use sunscreen . Carry lip balm with sunscreen and hydrating lotion to apply as needed.

skyline arch at sunset


Moab is one of the popular places to visit in Utah for hiking, biking, climbing, river rafting and more! Here’s a list of activities to do in August:

National and State Parks Near Moab

Explore the two National Parks and one State Park in the Moab area. In August we recommend you enjoy the AC on scenic drives. Hit the hiking trails in the cooler times of the day! Here are some guides to help you plan your visit to these destinations in August:

Moab Giants dinosaur museum

Dinosaurs and Petroglyphs in Moab

The Moab Giants Museum is a MUST for anyone who loves dinosaurs! In Aguust you’ll want to visit early when it’s not too hot because you’ll be outside walking along a trail of life-sized dinosaurs!

There are also lots of places to see dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs in Moab too!

Broken Arch back side at Arches

Moab Hikes in August

In July definitely hit the Moab Utah hiking trails in the morning when the temperatures are cooler and not as crowded. Remember to stay hydrated and wear a sunhat and sunscreen!

Our favorite day hikes in Moab are:

And of course you can’t beat the trails in the National and State Parks:

father and two sons mountain biking in Moab

Biking in Moab

Moab biking trails are well known so most of the year you’ll need to share the trails. In August we recommend you get out early to enjoy the cooler weather and avoid the crowds! Join a Moab bike tour or rent bikes in town!

rafting the colorado river near moab

River Rafting, Paddleboarding and Kayaking in Moab

August is a great time for river rafting and kayaking in Moab! You’ll find all types of Moab rafting trips to float along the Colorado River.

You can also do stand-up paddleboarding in the calmer waters of the Colorado River close to Moab. There are local companies that rent kayaks and paddleboards.

sunrise at Mesa Arch Canyonlands

Moab Photography

Moab is also a bucket list destination for photographers. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to photograph the areas around Moab because the light at this time creates a spectacular glow on the red rocks that’s so beautiful!

We’ve created an Arches and Canyonlands Photography Guide detailing the best photo spots in these parks and our favorite 3 day itinerary some of our favorite ‘lesser known’ places to take pictures in Moab!

Remember that if you want pictures at the most popular sites without people getting in the way, early morning is the best time to be out taking pictures!

take jaw-dropping photos at Arches & Canyonlands

Moab’s Potash Road Scenic Drive

If you’re looking for beautiful views of the Colorado River, ancient rock petroglyphs, and dinosaur tracks, then drive the Potash Road! 

It’s a 34 mile roundtrip drive along the Colorado River. Plan about 2 hours for the drive and stops to take pictures. We like going in the late afternoon so the canyon walls will glow with that deep orange color and reflect into the Colorado River.

Moab Stargazing

When visiting Moab, you must take one evening to go outside and LOOK UP! In August you can see or photograph the Milky Way!

Arches, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point are internationally recognized as one of the best places for stargazing because of the remote location, accessibility, altitude and clear skies.

Off-roading in Moab

If you’re up for an adventure, plan to explore the off-road trails in Moab! Local tour companies offer 4×4 rentals for you to tackle the trails on your own. If you’re an inexperienced driver, we recommend you book a tour or have a guide ride along with you to navigate and teach. We have used and recommend Outlaw Jeep Tours. There are also Moab 4×4 guided tours where you sit back and let the driver navigate the trails!

Moab maps and travel guides

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Moab Utah Tours and Resources

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